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August Spiritual Meaning

August Spiritual Meaning

The metaphysical energies and spiritual properties of the month of August, how we can use the energy Of August for our highest good. August birth signs and more.
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Past Life Regression Creating Healing by Experiencing Past Lives

Past Life Regression Creating Healing by Experiencing Past Lives

What is Past life regression? Past life regression is a therapeutic service meant to provide insight and healing for the client’s current life.
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Full Moon July 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon July 2018 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Moon July 2018 Meaning Astrology and the spiritual and metaphysical influences on a special blood moon lunar eclipse.
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Cougar Spirit Animal Meaning

Cougar Spirit Animal Meaning

The cougar spirit animal a spiritual teacher of wisdom and greatness. Cougar animal totem and spiritual meaning, learn her power.
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Meditation Shamanic Journey

Meditation Shamanic Journey

Written guided meditation shamanic journey is a visualization and deep meditation. To help one connect with ancient earth magic and our inner shaman.
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Full Moon June 2018 Astrology

Full Moon June 2018 Astrology

What has the full moon June 2018 have in store for you? Do the stars align in your favour? Contemplate the Astrology aspects and spiritual meaning.
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Contemplation Breeds Wisdom

Welcome Thrive On News spiritual awakening magazine Australia acts as a book of shadows for visitors to learn, grow and discover themselves. Psychic awareness and meditation, psychic insights and astrology, Druid Boy Designs our metaphysical shop. A range of new age products for the spiritual practitioner. Thank you for visiting and please, drink of the spiritual waters indulge in love and light and metaphysical magic from psychic medium Ian Scott.



meditation music free to download

Spiritual Meditation Music Free Mp3 Downloads

Free immediate meditation music download from Thrive On News. Create a special ambience in your meditations with this free new age meditation music. Music helps one to drift off into a state of meditation
and bring forth uplifting vibrations that soothe the soul. Read more...

animal totems

Animal Totems And Their Meanings

Learn about the animal totems spiritual and magical meanings with this extensive list of knowledge. Animal spirit guides can remind us to call on our strengths to achieve a greater knowledge of peace and to live a happier more fortuitous life. Read more...

guided meditation

Guided Meditation Scripts

42 of the very best guided meditations. Learn the art of meditation free, relieving one of stress, harmonise the body and mind and lift the soul to higher consciousness.
There are many forms of meditation, still, meditations, intuition-based, spiritual development guided meditation or even moving meditations, such as tai chi. Read more...

planet meanings

Planet Meanings And Symbols

A spiritual and metaphysical study of the ten planets astrological meanings. Understand how the planets influence affects each star sign and how it relates to you. And a collection of fixed stars and their meanings. © by astrologers Crystal Gaze and Jyoti Eagles. Read More >

Gum Tree australia

Australia Tree Meanings

A list of Australian trees and plants learn their spiritual and mystical meanings along with how to grow and care for them. All living things contain a spirit, it is our true nature, a spirit of the trees is a comprehensive look at how our beautiful trees serve, delight and heal us on our time here on planet earth. Read more >

crystals lust

Crystals List

The healing power of crystals. Created deep within the womb of Mother Earth, the power of crystals and semi-precious gemstones have embedded in them all the miraculous healing energy of planet earth. Formed from the four elements of fire, water, air and earth, crystals hold the earth’s healing code and its magical secrets. Read more...

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    Find the spiritual symbology and metaphysical influences and signs behind the ladybug meaning. as channelled by psychic medium Ian Scott read more

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  • spirit guide

    Spiritual advancement, written guided Meditation how to connect and communicate with your spirit guides and angels by psychic medium Ian Scott. read more

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  • crystal meanings

    Metaphysical, spiritual meanings and magical healing properties of Lapis Lazuli, learn its power as a unique stone for psychic protection and self development. read more

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  • march spiritual meaning

    March meaning. Find the symbology, numerology, spiritual energy shifts and metaphysical vibrations of the month of March and using them to your advantage. read more

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  • whale totem

    Whale animal spirit guide, symbolism and spiritual meanings of the whale totem, complete with meditation music and meditation video – “Whale sonar healing” read more

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