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Welcome to Thrive On News spiritual magazine Australia from Psychic Medium Ian Scott. The home of Nature’s Oracle Cards. This spiritual website acts as a book of shadows for visitors to learn, grow, and discover themselves.

With an esoteric subject sure to interest you. Psychic awareness and meditation, psychic insights and astrology. A large list of crystals and their spiritual meanings. Wiccan Herbs List and their uses for spirituality and Wicca purposes. And much much more…

Spiritual Website
Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

Thank you for visiting and please, drink of the spiritual waters indulge in love and light and metaphysical magic. For more see our about page. And see our Latest posts page. Check out the very best and most popular of our posts. Or explore our site with our content site map.

Spiritual Healing

Spirituality and Health. Information and how-to articles on spiritual and psychic energy healing from real psychics and healers. Bring harmony into your life. Improve the health of your body, soul, and mind with spiritual healing. Develop your spiritual healing with these tools.

10 Free Online Oracles

10 Free Online Oracles including the ominous and most popular yes no oracle. Ask your questions now, from tarot to a love oracle through to the ogham oracle. Psychic interpretations from psychic medium Ian Scott author of Nature’s Oracle. Chose your free psychic reading now!

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine
Psychic development

Psychic Development

Spiritual gifts and psychic powers and development raising one’s consciousness to allow the full use of our psychic and intuitive powers. Explore the inner power of your all-natural psychic impressions and intuitions. Grow your psychic energy through metaphysical education. Find the perfect how-to article on a subject that interests you.

Signs And Symbols

The magical universe presents us with signs and symbols every day and in most situations, all we have to do is notice them. Ancient Spiritual Symbols and their meanings metaphysical and esoteric influences explained. From the infamous yin yang to the Celtic Triskelion, explore the world of symbology. And the magical world of tree spirits and their meanings. Search the world of symbols now!

Thrive On News Spiritual Magazine

Astrology moon planner, psychic insights, numerology, written guided meditation, free to download meditation music, the secrets of the Ogham Alphabet and its symbols and divination purposes, rune stone meanings and free oracle.

Metaphysical symbology, signs and spiritual symbolic meanings, herbs for Wicca, and their medicinal properties. How to heal with crystals and their spiritual and metaphysical meanings influences. And healing properties. Australian and global animal totems their interpretations and symbolic influences and meanings. Flower Symbology and much more… Start your spiritual journey today!  Join Us