Feminine Era Of Ascension

Feminine Era Of Ascension Society may have changed on the outer but our inner instincts remain universally united as we strive for personal development and growth. This year as you set your resolutions consider not just your material and emotional desires, look deeper for your deepest souls desire. We have crossed a threshold this … Read More


Alder Tree Spiritual Meaning

Alder Tree Spiritual Meaning to help build a bridge in times of conflict, in order to avoid being storm-tossed on the oceans of passion. Ogham Letters Meanings Alder Tree The third letter of the Ogham tree alphabet is Alder (Fyehrn). Ogham Astrology Birth: March 18th – April 14th Alder – sometimes known … Read More

Reiki Healing Bear

Digital Reiki healing bear sends him out to whoever needs a smile and some distant healing from psychic medium Ian Scott. Distant Healing Reiki If you know someone this Holiday season who may need some love and healing but you just can’t get to them. Send them a digital Reiki healing bear … Read More

Summer Solstice Meaning

Summer Solstice Meaning The Summer Solstice, also known in other Pagan, Celtic, Druid and Wiccan traditions as Alban Heruin, Litha or Midsummer, occurs each year on or around the 21st/22nd June in the Northern Hemisphere and 21st / /22nd December in the Southern. The Summer Solstice meaning is a time when powerful magic … Read More

Consciousness Shift 2012

Consciousness Shift 2012 Not only human consciousness shifts from Power and Greed to Love and Honesty, Mother Earth and all its living inhabitants also shift consciousness. In the same way, it is happening to us physically, mentally and spiritually. Along with clearing our human pathway to Thrive, the Planet is doing exactly the … Read More

Prosperity Spell Earth Wish

Prosperity Spell Earth Wish A love for the Earth and its people is needed in the use of this prosperity spell. Wealth for all is the intent. Being prosperous, healthy, abundant and wealthy does not necessarily mean money and ownership of material objects. A richness of one’s morals, character and personality will … Read More

Gateway Meditation Music

Gateway Meditation Music by Ian Scott Spiritual Meditation Music Free Mp3 Downloads. Free immediate meditation music download from Thrive On News. Create a special ambience in your meditations with this free new age meditation music. Music helps one to drift off into a state of meditation and bring forth uplifting vibrations that soothe the soul. Ian Scott creates his … Read More


Oracle Card Full Moon

Spiritual New Age Meditation Music – Full Moon Tonight And oracle card Full moon from the 44 Nature’s Oracle card deck. by Ian Scott. Nature’s Oracle Introduction Wind Oracle Card. Nature’s Oracle the way of energy a spiritual Oracle focused on raising one’s consciousness toward an understanding of the self, peace, and compassion. Ian … Read More

21-12-2012 Ascension Of Earth

21-12-2012 Ascension Of Earth The shift of consciousness is up to us humans, it is a part of our evolution. Re-claiming our psychic selves. Again recognizing our potential as loving, healing beings. Transcending the materialistic conditioning. Becoming awake and aware that all is possible. Finding our true spiritual calling one of higher … Read More

Fixed Star Hyades Meaning

The fixed star Hyades meaning This is turbulent and manipulative energy best kept in liquid motion, so look to the element of water, falling or flowing. Fixed Star Hyades Meaning Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The stormy cluster of fixed stars known as Hyades … Read More

Past Life Talents Can We Recall Them?

Inspirational Spiritual Quote for calling to the surface past life talents and experiences. Messages From Spirit Past Life Talents Fourteen calls a day, you may only hear three of them.   The other eleven are shut off by earthly commitments, this gives us the perfect reason to meditate.   To recall important … Read More

Fixed Star Unuk Meaning

The fixed star Unuk meaning So seductive… and addictive, this uncontrolled and corrupt energy is potentially violent and criminal. Fixed Stars Unuk Meaning The fixed star Unuk (aka “Snake Heart”)  Situated approximately 73 light years away and rhythmically pulsating with a pale yellow light. This cunning fixed star from the constellation Serpens … Read More

Lunar Eclipse Spell

The Lunar Eclipse and how to use it. From a Witches perspective, it is a wonderful opportunity for enormous growth and transforming consciousness. It is also a perfect time to cast spells for what you desire in the future. There is a lot of hype about magic and spells being bandied around the … Read More

What Is Halloween?

Halloween History Over the centuries the Christian church has replaced many of the pagan customs and gods with their own Rituals and saints. Samhuin (pronounced Sow-win) was replaced by All Hallows or all saints day which was then shortened to Halloween. At this time in Australia, we celebrate Beltane. As the winter months approached in days of old, our ancestors would … Read More

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