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Working With Telepathy

What Are Thought Collectives

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Telepathy Connections

Telepathy along with Intuition, are natural human instincts and are available for all to tap into. Just like we can all sing, some of us are better at it than others but we can all train our voice just as we can all develop our telepathic skills. Telepathic communication is the Universal language that we all use, knowingly or not.


Telepathy Definition

Telepathy Development

Whether you are passed over, living on Earth or from somewhere else, thought transference, that is sending and receiving thoughts from yourself and others around you, is the fastest and most understandable way of communicating without the barriers of different languages. This is achieved because a thought can carry with it a picture, a feeling, sound, and words. A thought collective is a group of people thinking the same thing, or working toward the same goal.

Telepathy Thought Collectives

If we had a group of people of say thirty and nineteen of them liked soccer eventually over time if we stayed with this group we would start to think of soccer willingly or not, because the thought collective of the group is heard through tuning into the group with telepathy again knowingly or not. On a larger scale, the thought collectives of the church is grand, the thought collective that Hitler created needs to be mentioned and even our local sporting club.  There are of course like everything positive and negative thought collectives.

Your family on the other side along with your guardian angels have their own thought collective. And many people can tune into this and know when their loved ones are visiting them. Our friends from other places in the universe have their own thought collective.

Tuning into negativity leaves you tired, depressed and wanting more of something but not knowing what. Keeping in touch with our own thoughts and feelings will develop our intuition it will help us get to know who and what we are tuning into. A free-thinker is someone who chooses their own thoughts and through a developed intuition also feels and senses the truth and recognizes it when they hear it. (tune into it).  © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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  1. Jenny Carthy (@JennyMedium) // February 26, 2015 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    Telepathy article is really very good thank you for hints and tips..


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