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Shaman Conjuring Of Butterfly Healing Magic

Butterfly Spell Magick

Butterfly Distant Healing And Protection

butterfly healing

Butterfly Healing magic

Spiritual energy healing loved ones
in danger, Butterflies Can Help.

The Orange Butterfly spiritual meaning is in all it’s glory as a symbol of transformation, hope, faith, and love. It’s most important role however, is the remarkable gift it gives to us, in understanding death and rebirth unveiling the process of re-incarnation. Another extraordinary example of the butterfly is its ability to communicate love and secrets to us.

If someone is in danger or missing for some reason or another and all avenue’s have been exhausted. We may as well try anything. yeah! Well here’s a little nature magic something shown to me while on astral travels as a small child by my spiritual guide at the time. First find a picture of a butterfly or even better draw one yourself . This manifests the strongest transference of love energy.

Orange Butterfly Healing Technique

Gather as many people as you can muster to join a circle of hands.

Place the picture you have drawn in the middle of the human ring.

Eye’s closed open all chakras and concentrate on the person picture them in your mind’s eye. Send them love, light and protection. Do this for a few minutes. Open your eyes let go of everyone’s hands then drop and relax the arms. This triggers the letting go process which sends the energy just mustered toward that person. Re-hold hands make a good circle again close the eyes, concentrate. This time visualise 10,000 butterflies emerging out of the picture very lively and colourful shooting for the sky.

Send them to where the person was last seen and to the detectives working on the case. The orange butterflies love to tell secrets and whisper in air all they know and have seen. If we use our intuition we may just hear their message. ( If you know the particular detectives names working on the case this adds more potency). Open eyes, drop hands, shake them out and send love and the butterflies to those detectives. Now every time you see a butterfly, conjure these very thoughts it’s their way of saying we heard you and we are helping. The bigger circle you create of people who knew and loved the person the stronger the spell becomes.

I have had some remarkable results with this particular spell. Please always use in peace and with compassion in mind no matter the circumstances. We must never ever for any reason use magic negatively. Warning if you do the energy is reversed and comes back on to you ten fold. from the archives 9/7/1991  © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

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