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Fluoride It Is In Our Water

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Water is the holy grail of health, well it should be.

Australian Cities and towns are given absolutely absurd reasons about why we have mandatory Fluoride contamination in our water supplies. Some have stood up and said no and won Cairns Tablelands is a good example.  Unfortunately Cairns City itself has fluoride in it’s water supply. I can’t remember how many times South Cairns has been poisoned due to their water supply ?.

If it is too late to say no and you are unfortunate enough to have poisoned water in your town my suggestion is not to drink it unless properly filtered.

Update 2013… the Australian Government in their infinite “wisdom” and a with little gentle pushing have given the powers back to the local councils to decontaminate their own water supply’s of Fluoride. So people here’s your chance make enough noise and you will be heard. Cairns council is in discussions now to rid the people of this poison, the date for decontamination is the 15th of March. Brisbane not so lucky it will take a joint effort from many catchments but here’s not to say it cannot be achieved. – Ian Scott

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