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Marriage A Hand Fasting Ceremony With Color

Throughout life, we have all heard, at one time or another, that colors have meaning.  But not many of us have actually stopped to consider the real impact a color can have on our life or why we choose to surround ourselves with certain colors and not others.


Over the last year, I have spent all my free time planning my wedding.  I wanted a ceremony full of symbolism and meaning and so we choose to do a hand fasting ritual, which involves the tying of ribbons around joined hands to form a lasting bond between the couple and the goddess (or your chosen deity).  I did not want to go in blind or do this ritual ‘for something different’.  So I delved into all the research material I could find and one thing that stood out the most was how powerful the impact of my choice of colors would be.

When choosing a color for each ribbon, (we had six ribbons), I also had to ensure that the words spoken matched the color being tied and that each color represented something I wanted for our future together and also matched the personality of each person tying the ribbon.

Needless to say it was a big job, and I believe I picked right.  When looking into it further, I also discovered that color can have emotional and physical effects on people.  It can alter our perception of a place or person and can affect our physical reactions to certain situations.  When used in marketing, color can be the deciding factor as to whether something sells really well or doesn’t.   When going into an unknown situation, colors can subconsciously fill us with courage or have us turning tail and hiding under the covers.

Below is a list of the colors I used in my ceremony and links to the site I have found most helpful. I will also post links to other useful sites at the bottom of this article.

Pink:  Pink has always been associated with Love.  I personally where a lot of pink and after finding this link, I realized pink suits me perfectly.  I have had pink hair on and off again for the past ten years, my wedding was decorated in pinks and it is also my favorite color, along with black.

Blue:  Blue is linked with loyalty, respect and understanding.  Men are attracted to blue because of its calming, stabilizing effect.

GreenNature, of course!

Purple:  Imagination and spirituality.

Red:  The color of passion and romance, fire and anger, red can invoke desires that range from good to bad.

White:  White is purity, innocence and cleanliness.

If entering a new business venture or beginning a new chapter in your life, remember, colors can make or break your journey.  You will need to take into consideration the effect of each color on mood, physical reactions and personal statements. But the most important thing to remember is to have fun with your colors; they might just help brighten your day. – Angela Soya

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