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Hi everyone I’m Jyoti Eagles, Amongst other things I  am a Druid Priestess. But mostly I am a lover of nature which is what originally drew me into exploring the different schools of magic over the past 30 years. All of them base their ideals around the cyclic rhythms of nature and the universal laws under which we all exist.

Jyoti has been working in metaphysics for about 30 years and has been trained in many areas of the magical arts including tarot, astrology, shamanic healing, herbalism, and druidry.  As an initiated Priestess of the craft she is dedicated to maintaining the balance of nature and helping perceive the truth.  She is a professional clairvoyant and conducts hand fasting ceremonies and other rites of passage around Australia.

A note from Jyoti

It seems that humans have been deliberately steered away from the knowledge of these laws because the few wish to take the power from the many. As I see it we are at a point in our evolution where I believe it is mandatory for us to return to a nature based philosophy for our very survival. Through my weekly contributions to this magazine I hope to be able to share with you some of the wisdom from the inner grove of the Druids of today and yesteryear .

The word Druid is derived from the Celtic “Druwides” meaning “oak knower“. The oak was considered the king of trees in a grove by the ancients who would listen to the rustling oak leaves for meaningful messages from spirit. Burning oak leaves purifies the atmosphere. Oak can be used in spells for protection, strength, success and stability – all qualities of the oak. Yours beneath the shining stars Jyoti Eagles on – See Jyoti’s  The Ogham Alphabet 

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wheel of the year


Wheel of the year a comprehensive guide – NOW AVAILABLE !

Nestled in the foothills of snow-capped mountains covered with an ancient forest, beside a river flowing with crystal clear water, a community gathered around a central fire in a large adobe roundhouse with a thatched roof. The Druids had arrived from their forest retreats where they had been training in the ways of magick.
The ancient science of the universe. A harpist played melodiously as the Bard recited a story about the battle if two trees – the Holly and the Oak. …….

The book is now available. Cost $25Au.
Order your copy personally from Jyoti. Message her  Click here.

Spiritual Gifts

Visit Us At Etsy Druid Boy Designs Online Shop

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