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Birch Ogham Alphabet Meaning

Ogham Birch Tree Lore

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Ogham meanings Birch Tree

Spiritual meaning birch

Spiritual meaning Birch Tree

The Druid Tree lore, or Ogham said to have originated in the stone age, depicting the ceremonies and worship of the moon goddess in her various forms at that time. The ancient Ogham alphabet formed a seasonal calendar of tree magic and was one if the very first forms of communication. The Runes are another similar form of communication but with different symbols and different origin.

The first tree / Ogham letter is Beth associated with the Birch tree – the pheasant bird, the color whiteIts meaning is renewal and in divination – initiation. Other qualities are fertility, new beginnings, protection and purification. I associate the tarot card – The magician with it.

The closest thing I could come up with for a southern hemisphere equivalent is the Wedding Bush (Riciniocarpus Pinifolius).  The bush has a five petal flower associated with the past,(as seen the 6 of cups in the tarot deck.) and it has both male and female parts which I associate with fertility and renewal.

In order for new beginnings to manifest in our lives we must first purge the past. This is the basic meaning of the Ogham.

The bardic grade symbolized the Birch tree as it is a tree of birth and / or initiation. A new beginning in how we come to see and know things. In more superstitious times, the Birch used to purify a criminal of his wrong doings. . It was also used in exorcism for the possessed. In ritual a broom made of Birch expelled evil spirits from the circle. Often used for may-poles at Beltane representing the world tree linking the underworld with middle earth and heaven above. May Day (Northern Hemisphere) is the beginning of the Witches new year as spring heralds in new life, fertility, new beginnings.

The Birch is the white goddess in her triplicity.  When we are lost in the forest the shining silver branches of the Birch light the way and give us guidance on our path. The very word birch is a root meaning bright or shining. You can burn the leaves or bark of a Birch in ritual or in meditation to help prepare for the new by consciously letting go of the debris of the old. Better still, find a quiet place where you can sit against its trunk and ask it what it has to offer you. You may come up with some other correspondences of your own. Yours beneath the sacred oaks – Jyoti Eagles.

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