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Wendee Valencia


My soul has been my guide for a very long time, sometimes it’s been hidden, from others, me and even itself, yes all this is possible. The dimensions within my world are endless and the source infinite. Like the rivers and winds that run free I have no set path to flow upon. I make my own way and mind with no need for outside help my spirit takes me to where I need to be at any given moment at the same time I am an open vessel, a sponge. Taking everything in the best way I can, open to new ideas and experiences, taking life moment by moment, without expectation or judgement.
I love to write and draw, and I do what comes to heart, what speaks to the deepest parts within my center, I believe that’s where the soul lies. Where the universe glides, hiding in the shadows of every thought at the very core of the self. We all have this, it’s just a matter of looking, searching, reaching, listening, a recognition of our own power, not to just harness it but to become it, to be able to look back at our string of lives, to find the connections and put an end to the demise of the spirit. We are warriors fighting for the very essence of humanity.  I have millions of thoughts and like to try and capture as many as I can and put them in words that some may find valid, at the very least thought provoking, mind opening, time probing…  See Wendee’s short stories >
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