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Seek with Hazel’s wise illumination
Poet and sage inspiration.

Ogham Alphabet

The ninth tree in the alphabet is the hazel.

Letter C = Coll
Latin: Corylus avellana
Astrology: Mercury, Sun. / Birth: August 5th – September 1st
Element: Air.
Australian equivalent: Hakea, Dagger . Hakea – Microcarpa Needle Bush).

Hazel Tree Metaphysical Meaning

Divination, enlightenment, inspiration, wisdom,
understanding, the divine sage, creativity. The essence of knowledge – in a nutshell.

Nine is the number sacred to the muses.The tree itself doesn’t bare fruit until its 9th year. Odin was said to hang upside for 9 days in the Hazel tree before he obtained the knowledge of runes.

There is a legend describing a beautiful fountain called Connla’s Well where nine hazels of poetic wisdom hung over the water and were able to produce flowers and nuts at the same time. (i.e.. beauty and wisdom). As these nuts dropped into the well they were eaten by the salmon whose spots corresponded to the number they ate. All the knowledge of the arts and sciences were bound up with the eating of these nuts, and of the salmon who ate them, some say it may be associated with the lost initiations once undertaken in the Bardic grade.

In Druidry, the Salmon of wisdom sits in the Western quarter and is invoked in circle during ritual.

Hazel Tree Magic And Healing Uses

Healing:  Can be used with mead or honey to cure chronic cough.  The oil can be used for thread worm infections in children.  It is rich in magnesium, potassium and copper – all excellent brain food. It is also good to clear creative blocks.

A forked Hazel stick was used as a divining rod. Not only for hidden water or treasures but for detection of theft and murder. – © Jyoti Eagles

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