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May Horoscopes 2013

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May horoscopes


Time to take a good look at your bucks, Bucky, coz this month is all about fiscal fiascos.  Yes indeed your finances will be featuring so if you’ve been overindulging in every whim and fancy then you, my friend, will have to tighten your belt and balance the books.  Ask yourself this… what do you really value in life?

Taurus Apr 21 May 21

Happy birthday Toro! A wowsa of a month ahead, especially if you’re born between the 6th and the 14th because the solar eclipse is going to smack you fair in the chops, promising you an “eventful” year ahead.  Be reactive rather than proactive and look after your health.

Gemini May 22 Jun 21

Wherefore art thou Gemini?  Suddenly withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of life, this month pushes you into the background where your liquid light burns oh so softly.  Good for looking deep within your slippery psyche so don’t forget to remember your dreams… messages from the ether are guiding you forward.

Cancer Jun 22 Jul 23

Dreams do come true and this month will certainly bring new opportunities for “Good Ol’ Crusty” to take one step forward.  Just don’t rush it and take a good long sideways glance before committing to any groups or organizations that promise you the world.  Your salty senses are just what everybody wants.

Leo Jul 24 Aug 23

So you wanna get noticed?  Well you won’t have to try hard this month because absolutely everybody is lookin’ at you kid.  Bask, stretch and roll over… anything you do will work wonders for your brilliant career.  But let ‘em come to you Kitten because if you get too proactive, things may not work out as planned.  Entice.

Virgo Aug 24 Sept 23

Planning a long vacation after all the hard work?  Then fly little birdie, fly (if you can) because this month pushes an escape hatch to the exotic and far away.  If that’s not possible then get them books out and start expanding that enormous brain of yours, but don’t expect to absorb it in one whack.  Give it time and ponder.

Libra Sept 24 Oct 23

Woo hoo sexy one.  Yes this month has you obsessing about all your deep and darkest desires.  Leather and lace will be your preference for sure so plan your wardrobe carefully because looks can kill.  On a mundane level, other people’s money will be demanding your attention.  It’s time to balance the books.

Scorpio Oct 24 Nov 22

Tail raised and pincers drawn, you’re ready for confrontation this month.  And as you’re always armed and dangerous only a damned fool would take you on without full body armor and night vision goggles.  But you’re prepared to “negotiate” (yes that’s how you spell it pal) but only if it is to your advantage.  Have fun.

Sagittarius Nov 23 Dec 22

OK enough of the gallivanting around the universe, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work.  “Clean-Clean-Clean” is your mantra, so keep chanting and scrubbing because otherwise you may just end up with a headache, or toothache or earache or…..

Capricorn Dec 23 Jan 20

Mon cherie… the old goat is getting frisky this month so time to climb off the ladder and dust off your party hat and have some fun.  And boy do you know how to party!  But if no invitations arrive then simply make your own and watch as an admiring throng gathers around… and about time too.

Aquarius Jan 21 Feb 19

Memories light the corners of your weird and wonderful mind this month so be prepared for a good dose of nostalgia.  Parents feature as do childhood dreams, but don’t get so lost in the past that you miss out on the chance to rewire some old emotional “knee jerk” reactions and put them to bed for good.  Nighty night.

Pisces Feb 20 Mar 20

You get around and about this month so make sure your car is up to scratch and full of fuel.  Neighborhood gossip should keep your senses tingling but don’t start any of it, because it could end up being you the one that is being talked about.  But then you’re pretty good a slippin’ away when it suits.

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