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Receive A Message From Spirit With This Guided Meditation

Nature Meditation

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Guided Meditation A Forest Walk

Be sure not to have any distractions or disturbances. In silence and comfortable surrounds breathe in deeply, close your eye’s. Relax feel your body weight sinking into contention. Breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Allow three minutes or so doing this.

forest walk meditation

Written Meditations

Journey Meditation For Spiritual Guidance

Have a clear mind and only focus on your breathing at this point. Feel the gentle air caressing your upper lip as you breathe in and out. Relax deeper and deeper feeling content and comfortable. Allow the day and the worries to ease and drift away. Relax your facial muscles relax your jaw. Drop your weight press firmly in your chair with your lower back. One last deep breath clear the mind, begin normal breathing.

Visualize yourself lightly as a feather drifting down to land from the clouds. Appearing in a lush rain forest. The first thing you notice is the sound of the birds singing their song with running water in the background from a nearby stream.

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In the distance faintly you hear the sound of drums playing, you are magnetically attracted to chase the point of origin. Your path is clear and easy to negotiate. Without a hint of being frightened you notice a small man to your left wearing a headdress of blue and yellow feathers. He reaches out for your hand with a warming smile. I will show you the way he whispers. Not a doubt in mind feeling safe and curious, you follow. Arriving to a small clearing in the forest surrounded by tall trees. In the center is a fire burning and logs to sit on.

The drums fade slowly until they all but stop, silence falls. The Night starts its walk upon the earth and the stars begin their twinkle. Your friend no longer seen, as if he vanished with the daytime light. Feeling numb and not being able to move from your seat, you hear a voice loud and clear. “You are in the sacred space of the Earth guardians the healers of the planet for many eons, we have a message for you to carry out to the people”

Achieve a deep state of meditation before you begin this visualization, and it is sure to come alive and active for you. Providing answers to questions you might not have realized you have asked. The message they give you will be a personal one just for you. Enjoy your quest to hear your message.  © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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