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Spiritual Poetry: Stuck In A Day Dream

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day dreaming poem

Spiritual Poetry

Is it a neurological malfunction that has me in this conjunction. Where dreams and reality meet and collide seeping with logic beyond comprehension.

Pinpointing the location of this surreal imagination has it’s limitations these are spiritual hallucinations, mental implementations, fundamental, not accidental. Was it a culmination of events or a single component, nothings coincidental.
Insights instilled by a higher mind, the creator allowing the universe inside twisting turning folding and unfurling, light headed and dizzy, something’s been missing. Snakes hissing, wishing, waiting upon my decline but I’m a charmer.

And I don’t want to harm them just trying to disarm them, take them fangs out stomp in the grass and watch them slither out, poison seeping out of their mouths.

Each drop entered my soul and left a foul stain which I turned into a feature piece pain will not cease till the rain is ready to ease, but just how could we learn, learn to appreciate the sunshine, to soak it in,  how could we yearn  to be filled with it’s warmth if we have never been cold.

If we don’t get reminded of the comfort within, the love for light, this place, it wasn’t meant to blind you, it’s supposed to give sight to you. Dragged out of the darkness to experience this mystery, don’t let it shift without you. © Wendee Valencia

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