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Death Seeds: Say No ! To GMO

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death seed gmo

GMO got to go

Modifications, invariably intoxicated death seeds gained and promoted by dirty deeds . Lawmakers, stakeholders, promoters and the land loving money makers taking heads. Causing needs beyond reach, so easy to allow it to happen, got the élite clapping.

The situation is far more dire than you can comprehend, nutrition coming to an abrupt end. The dead are crying tears of blood for that’s all that’s left to share, some hear the cries and just don’t care, others can see the lakes once clear.

Now tainted with crimson, walking past without a second glance, don’t even dare. Walking corpses, talking corporates, looking for more; they want to take all of it..

It’s deep how you can be so shallow, happy to follow so no one scolds you, temperature hit below zero, when we decided the world needs no heroes. Ignorance is bliss, until you hit the ground, kiss of death, nothing left to rant about. Let’s get on our horses and ride through the night, cloaked in black, silent in our attack.

No more  holding hands its time to have each others back, get real, stop being slack. Give life to your words, dust off that sword, curse those who deserve nothing less. And bless those born into an earth with no regard for those in duress, protecting incomes not innocence.

Profits before people; it seems to be that simple, leaving diseased bodies and crippled minds. Deaf leading the blind, a crying shame, a global crime, it’s heinous and we are running out of time.. – Wendee Valencia

Spiritual Gifts

Visit Us At Etsy Druid Boy Designs Online Shop

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