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star signs June

star sign aries


Hey Ramrod, it’s time to keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel as life speeds up a notch.  Time for a good service (on your car that is) because you will be busy around the local ‘hood with everyone needing a piece of you darling.  Take a breather when you can.

star sign taurus


Have you checked your bank balance lately?  Well check it again Toro because this month you may need a little extra cash.  Emotional spending is high on the list, so keep tabs on any retail therapy that may be tempting you to extend beyond your budget.  Quality not quantity.

star sign gemini


Happy happy birthday Silver Tongue.  Time to update your appearance (again) to reflect the gorgeous inner dichotomy which is you.  But don’t overstretch your wallet without first weighing up the pros and cons… besides, your natural mojo will shine regardless.

star sign cancer


Still rockin’ and a reelin’ from the rolling eclipses in the last few weeks you are now officially overdue for some time out!  Get thee to a crabbery (or a nunnery if you prefer) but just get away from everyone and everything and recharge those rusty batteries.

star sign leo


With the recent solar eclipse smacking you fair in the furry chops for all to see, what better time than to consolidate your dreams via a group of friends.  As always, your minions will turn tricks for you if you ask them, so make hay while the sun shines and get them organized.

star sign virgo


The devil finds mischief for idle hands so make sure yours are kept busy this month.  All focus is on you and your brilliant career so if you are hankering after more business, then expect to be inundated… especially by women and young adults with a gift of the gab.

Libra-star sign


After dwelling in the dark for the last few weeks and rejuvenating your gorgeousness, it’s now time for a little sunshine, Sunshine.  The exotic and unfamiliar is calling.  Nothing less than mind-blowing will satisfy you this month, so if possible get away from it all.  Just do it.

Scorpio-star sign


Hey babe… take a walk on the wild side… at night… all alone.  Yes it’s your time this month to retreat into your own dark world of sex, death and transformation.  Having trouble shedding the old skin?  Don’t worry… you’ll find the perfect exfoliator to do the job.  You always do.

Sagittarius-star sign


Camera, lights and…… action!  Yep you are going to be busy this month.  Busy dealing with everyone else’s aggression.  But that’s OK because you can use it to your advantage.  Don’t pull any punches, but don’t back off from confrontation either.  You can and will win.  Stay positive.

Capricorn-star sign


After a month of parties and celebrations, it’s now time for you to get down and dirty and get the job done.  The daily grind beckons and you, you old goat, must get those bony knees bent on cleaning up your life.  But nobody else loves hard work as much as you do… so enjoy!

Aquarius-star sign


Get ready to P-A-R-T-A-Y this month. Why?  Because you can, that’s why.  So get your weirdest and most wonderful outfits ready and willing.  A very creative time for you, so if you’ve been holding back on a new project, now is the time to let it loose on the world.  Shock it to ‘em.

Star sign pisces


A cozy month on the home front for you, Sweet lips, as you settle into a nice routine.  Childhood dreams could now come to the fore and you may find the time to realize them.  Working from home is another option and cooking up a storm is high on the list.  Simply delicious.

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