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Time for a trip down memory lane Sweetheart… the past beckons.  Expect to feel a little lonesome and blue as you find yourself left pondering some old emotional baggage.  Sort through it… it’s just soooo OLD.  Besides, you need to make room for all those ‘must-have’ creature comforts that are so vital to your well-being.

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Broom broom.  Beep beep!  Bull-bar poised and ready for some action.  It’s time to put pedal to the metal and get you’re sweet rump rolling out amongst it.  Trips about town will be an absolute necessity, but expect some frustrating delays… so make sure your tank is full, your motor is running smoothly and don’t  forget to pack a stash of treats to keep you occupied.

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Lost something?  Don’t worry… it’s begging to be found.  Best keep looking, because it will distract you from spending some of your hard-earned cash on new, unnecessary and soon-to-be unwanted items. Instead poke your nose into a recycle bin or two… it’s amazing what you might find.  Your motto for this month “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and if it ain’t fixable, don’t buy it”.

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Happy Birthday Crusty!!   At last you can start to get back on track and concentrate on the wonderful world of YOU.  Time for an update on that tired old look of yours… time to peel  back the shell and revitalize that sensitive and soft center and show the world what a beautiful, moody and “soulful” soul you are.  But wait for a few weeks before you finalize “the look”.  You may need to tweak a little.

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Time for Kitty to take some time out… time out from the prying eyes of the collective.  It’s hard work being so publicly gorgeous all of the time and this month gives you a break from all the posing.  Spend time near gently flowing water and dip your furry paws into the liquid motion… maybe catch a fish or two.  And don’t forget to remember your dreams.

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Just as well you’re so organised, because this month is going to send you rocketing back through your list of social contacts.  Can’t find one?  You will, but you may discover that you don’t need it any more.  Out with old they say, but wait a few weeks before you finally ditch it… there may still be life left in it yet.  Wait.



Moody?  Well of course you are.  So what’s new?  The pendulum swings slowly at the moment as you are forced (yes forced) to take a few elegant steps back in your brilliant career path.  Some old issues will resurface that need to be balanced and who better to “balance” than you.  Don’t try and force issues… and don’t expect to be understood immediately.

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Ah the wheel of fortune turns… however slowly for you my Sweet.  After a month of exfoliating your private and intimate world, it’s time to find some nourishment from a mind-blowing experience.  Study is high on the list, as is travel to a far-out destination.  Just make sure you book your tickets early and prepare to wait,,, there is still unfinished business that needs to be attended to.

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Forging ahead is your motto, but this month asks you to take another look at how you relate to others at a deep and personal level.  Yes an old issue re: your intimate life will rear its pretty head (again) and you are just going to have to deal with it.  Good news though… nobody else needs to know about it (well not all of it).



Fight or flight for you right now as you deal with opposition from basically anybody that comes within sight.  Nobody is stronger or wiser than you but this month is going to teach the teacher a lesson or two in “relating” to others.  Don’t underestimate your opponent and don’t assume that you know their argument better than your own.

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Well you’ve had your crazy bit of fun (and everybody laughed) but this month you have to buckle up and get organised.  Organised?  You?  Mmmmm.  Just try and get a routine happening, but if that don’t come easy, then focus your energy on revamping and restyling your body.  That temple of yours holds pure genius.

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Flipping fishtails!  It’s time to have fun.  But first you might want to clean the barnacles off an old creative project that you thought was dead in the water.  But wait there’s more!  An old lover may return to haunt you (in a nice way of course), especially if there are children involved.  Be prepared… and don’t underestimate the power of re-negotiation.

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