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Find Peace And Sleep With This Guided Meditation

Sleep Meditation Music

written meditation

Meditation Technique For Sleep

Meditation Music for sleep

Your off on a long journey across rivers over bridges through the forests. When you arrive at your destination you are tired your eye’s are heavy, the sun sets, the night falls your bed awaits.

Sleep Meditation Music
Over The Mountain Over The River

Download Meditation Music, right click save file as – Over The Mountain Over The River

As the music plays visualize the journey in as much detail as you can. Imagine yourself looking around at all the natural wonders of your mountain journey. Try and feel what it’s like travelling up and down mountains and making a raft to cross the rivers. Personalize your journey make it your own by organically giving growth to the visualization process. Allow your journey to change with your imagination. When visualizing your bed to rest for the night surround yourself with silence and peace make the bed as comfortable as you possibly can imagine.

When the meditation music fades, this is the point in your visualization / meditation where you begin your breathing exercises to drift into a state of relaxation and sleep. If you are not familiar with meditation techniques see list of meditationsby psychic medium © Ian Scott 

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