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It’s amazing how we change and grow once we allow it. Subtly at first sometimes repeating old patterns out of force of habit. These self made stages of personal development are created subconsciously allowing us to see our old outdated unawake and unaware robotic like mind controlled patterns from a different vantage point. Allowing us to start to really comprehend the direct relationship between our mental chatter, our actions and what is being forced upon us, but also the consequences of these inside and outside forces. Once we are able to sit back and take advantage of this different vantage point, we are left to analyze old patterns. Then hopefully choosing to change the ones that have a negative impact on our lives into a positive flow of energy allowing our personal and psychic development to flourish. Bringing what was unconscious to the consciousness surface, this is called being awake. Often over ego stated unawake people will give advice to other people and within in that advice is usually some answer that they, themselves have been looking for. If they are becoming aware and awake they will notice this instantly, bringing a full stop to that behavior. As we start to pay more and more attention to  our own thoughts and actions, we begin to notice an extraordinary wealth of self help in our own words. Giving light to reality and the hidden truth around us. Breaking the illusion of life based on money and materialism. LISTEN to the moments when the world is still and you are emphatically listening to the workings of the universe. In those moments the advice and conversation with our higher selves can be priceless. It’s incredible what can achieved when the  universe feels you listening – Ange Marxsen

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