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How To Use Water And Seed For Powerful Spiritual Healing

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spiritual energy healing

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is magic, healing is a state of mind,
healing is natural, healing 24/7 as nature intended.

Spiritual Energy Healing Water

1. Start with good clean water fill a container place it in a window sill of your house where it will be exposed to sunlight and moonlight. Leave it there for a full 24 hour period. Now your container of water has been decontaminate and energized by the sun and moon.

2.  Place both hands around your container of water, close your eye’s. Picture in your mind’s eye a waterfall or running creek in your favorite piece of nature. Preferably somewhere you have been and know locally. Imagine re-connecting your container of water with this place. Hold these thoughts with your hands clasped firmly on the container generating energy between the two palms of your hands. Hold this with love for yourself and others with warmth and compassion for around 2 minutes.

This process done correctly with a clear mind and a developed intuition will change the molecular structure of your now personalized spiritual healing charged love water. 

Mediation Music: Rain by Ian Scott

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Spiritual Energy Healing Foods

Best to grow your own vegetables this ensures the above magic will take place as you digest your rewards. Growing from seed can be extra rewarding a spiritual healing process.

1. Choose what you wish to grow, wash your seeds in your prepared container of healing love water.

2. Place the seeds in your mouth be careful not to swallow them, allow them to mix with your saliva leave them in your mouth for at least 10 minutes. During this process be aware of your thoughts it is best to meditate on health and all things positive. Straight after bury them in their prepared soil bed for growth. The plants you grow from this process will provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients you need to allow your body to self-heal all day every day.

3. The plants, through your saliva read and connect with your DNA, therefore knowing exactly how to grow and what to produce to heal the one that is loving it. Love the plant, love the animal and you will have a healing friend for life and life force itself.   © by psychic medium Ian Scott ( thrive on / nature’s oracle )

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3 Comments on How To Use Water And Seed For Powerful Spiritual Healing

  1. Aspen Stronghold (@AspenStronghold) // February 26, 2015 at 5:56 pm // Reply

    I cannot think of anything else like this, it is out of this world thank you for the secret information. Many Blessings


  2. Gregoria Piedra (@gregoriacit) // June 11, 2014 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    This is really true I tried this out and my vegetable garden is blooming with fruit that I must say tastes very different much richer, and my energy charged water is lighter and feels good to drink where normally its not, so thank you so much for this valuable information.


  3. EMMA (@Ddraigcoch1) // June 6, 2014 at 7:57 am // Reply

    I have had more guidance reading your site than I have in 3 years of trying to look for direction on my own from many sources.
    I did know about how to charge water but I had not learned of the food. Luckily I grow my own vegetables ( a small portion of my intake but it is improving). Even looking at my 2 8ft by 8ft raised vegetable garden beds lifts my soul. I look out at it as I wash my dishes. A sacred place for me is near the kitchen window, where the Sun and Moon are strongest in my home, my joss stick holder and oil burner is there. I can see my efforts and love grow in my garden, watch my children play and it is where my cooker is and where I prepare my family meals. If that is not a place of harmony and love, I don’t know what is. That is where I repair my energies.

    Liked by 1 person

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