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It’s time to work it baby, work it. Time to get thee to a gym and get yourself pumped and ready to deal with a highly creative surge of energy heading your way. Go ahead… make those daring changes, but first you must release any nervous tension. Take a deep breath and take advantage of your increased mojo, because by month’s end love could be knocking at your door. Anybody home?


Settle petal. You’ve been having yourself one helluva stir-crazy time lately and riding that roller coaster like a pro. So now that you’ve got your freedom, a shift of energy turns up the heat on all your relationships and you get to have some fun. Just don’t rush it Toro. Take your time and take advantage of the increased psychic energy that surrounds you. Lady Luck may just smile on you.


All action is on the home front this month and any artistic projects you’ve been thinking about will definitely be something to talk about. But in a week or so, enough will have been said, so practice the art of silence and allow your mind to be still. As difficult as it is for you to travel solo, you will find those moments when it’s just you and the universe very enlightening.

Mark the 5th on your calendar this month and don’t make no dates with nobody until then… that is if you want all to run smooth. And it will, especially if you apply just a little logic to that finely tuned emotional radar of yours and be prepared to change your point of view. Don’t retreat into a moody silence. Talk it out… you’ll be surprised how liberating it is.

This month the pace settles a little and you get to focus on the finer things in life. And if you’ve been wise then your kitty should be full, Kitty, and your books balanced. If not, then you’ve got to re-evaluate your priorities. Either way it’s a great time to plant the seeds of a new project which will bear fruit well into the future.

Happy Birthday you gorgeous sweet thing you! Time to throw out anything past its use-by date (that includes objects and people) and concentrate on the wonderful world of you! Expect a full schedule so you will need to be ultra-organised to cope with the influx of phone calls and emails. Make an extensive list of things-to-do so that you can pencil in time for yourself… you’re going need it.

Locked away and even more beautiful than usual, your inner light can shine this month. Having had the challenge of balancing the impossible, now you can retreat and let nature takes its course. If obstacles arise, get a grip on the unseen and know that it is your subconscious controlling everything. Yes indeed… secret passions rule.

At last, my Dove, you can begin to move forward on your slow and relentless path to power. The last few months you’ve been wrestling with some old, familiar demons, but now you can begin to show the collective what you’re made of. Your steely determination to make profound and lasting changes will be called upon. Just don’t rush it… these changes are slow and irrevocable.

Steady goes it mon cherie, a mixed bag awaits you this month as the spotlight shines oh so brightly on your public persona. All eyes are on you as a small but delicious window of opportunity opens for you later this month. Indeed you can “thank your lucky stars” and take a gamble. But don’t overestimate your abilities or over-extend your bank account. And hurry while stocks last.

Now, after months in solitary confinement, you can begin to take your first tentative steps forward into a bigger and brighter future. Silent and profound changes have altered you more than anyone would guess, and now you’re stronger and more determined than ever to make it to the top. Time is always on your side, you old Goat, and you just get better with it.

Time to take a deep breath and get ready to dive into unchartered territories. Time to take your shiny, black beast for walkies and enter your hidden world of shadows. Have courage to face the truth and you will begin a powerful process of transformation. But others who know you well may find these subtle but formidable changes disturbing. Tough… it’s all in the name of progress.

Well then, it’s not like you to be so overtly aggressive, is it? Everyone seems to want a piece of your delicious flesh one way or another, but you ain’t gonna give it up easy. Save your energy because compromise is the only peaceful option during this turbulent month, so lay down the gauntlet in the name of harmony… and enjoy smoother waters. – Crystal Gaze

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