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Furze Ogham Alphabet Spiritual Meaning

Ogham Divination Meanings Furze

Thy yellow blooms – oh, they to me
Are gold and sunshine blent together
Moses Teggart 1908

 Ogham Furze meaning

Ogham Letters Meanings Furze

Ogham Letter :    O
English: Furze, Gorse
Celtic: Ohn, Onn
Latin: Ulex Europeans
Ogham Astrology: Venus
Element: Earth

Spiritual Meaning Furze

Industry, protection, vibrancy, independence intelligence, passion, sexuality. Due to it’s prickly nature it is also a tree of protection. Ohn signifies collecting things of value. It indicates the gathering of all the things needed to carry out your goals, or of information that may be life changing. Your goals are about to reach fruition. Although it blooms throughout the year, it’s vibrant yellow attract the first bees of the year, associated with the spring equinox. So Furze is the gathering together of sweetness in your life.  The things you value. A time to get busy like the bees.  As the bees share pollen and nectar – make sure you share your knowledge.

Ogham Health Benefits Furze

Furze can be used in a tincture to remove obstructions of the liver and spleen.  A decoction made from the flowers aids jaundice and cleanses the kidneys and bladder. It’s high alkalinity has a purgative effect. It was used to get rid of fleas. Makes a great yellow die. The flowers were also used to color whisky and to make pickles. In homeopathy furze is used to help give people who have no faith in the future some hope. It gives them courage and determination.

Ogham Mythology Furze

Furze is closely associated with the sun god Lugh, the Celtic god of light and genius and with the Spring Equinox, at which time it’s one of the only plants in full flower. However, folklore attaches it to festivals throughout the spring and summer months as a symbol of the power of the sun. In Brittany the Celtic festival of Lugnasdagh, on August 1st, is known as The Festival of Golden Gorse.

Ogham Magic Furze

As one of the sacred trees, furze was included in the Celtic Beltane bonfires. The stock would be herded between these for purification and protection before being released onto the summer grazing. When this tradition diminished, torches of furze were still carried around the herds and farm buildings in order to cleanse the air and protect the animals against sterility. – Jyoti Eagles

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