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Michael Jackson The Light Suppressed

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Michael Jackson Conspiracy

Michael Jackson: They ( illuminati ) Don’t Care About Us
Listen closely to the words of this song in particular.
Michael became dangerous.

Michael Jackson refused to play the game. He constantly wrote and sang about the illuminati and the destruction of the planet. Michael Jackson was and still is the greatest person to ever shed light on the subject, having first hand experience. Listen to his songs once again, he was in a desperate place trying to wake the world to the system before it was to late for him. And as the song goes, he’s not the only one John Lennon and on and on the list is endless.

Michael Jackson or Arch Angel Michael Jackson as some call him, was the strongest light ever to shine on Earth he brought love, hope and truth. He also had the power, the power of the people, no matter how many lies were told. Guess what happens when you are that powerful, and say NO, and then begin to tell the world.

Michael Jackson Exposing The Illuminati in the Music Industry.

“You gotta remember something, the minute I started breaking the all-time record in record sales—I broke Elvis’s records, I broke the Beatles‘ records—the minute [they- illuminati] became the all-time best selling albums in the history of the Guinness Book of World Records, overnight they called me a freak, they called me a homosexual, they called me a child molester, they said I tried to bleach my skin. They did everything to try to turn the public against me. It’s time for a change.” – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson and the music industry

Michael Jackson is still with us, his light still shines oh so brightly, actually he now has more power than ever. He is hard at work bringing overwhelming light and truth to those in power, to those that can make a difference. Michael Jackson says “the hate will never stop me, the love will ever drive me, and you will all be exposed”.

Michael Jackson Album cover art

In true form the immortal Michael Jackson continues to pour light on the world, with his up coming album ( Epic ) Xscape, due May 13th 2014, with eight new releases. The single Xscape is available on itunes, April 1st. – Ian Scott

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