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Fertile Heather, to bees most appealing,
Earth linking Spirit, love’s passion with healing.
(Maureen Cohan)

Ogham meanings heath

Ogham Letters meanings Heather

Ogham Letter: U
English: Heather
Celtic: Ur, Ura
Latin: Calluna Vulgaris
Ogham Element: Earth
Ogham Astrology: Venus
Ogham Animal: Bee / Lion.

Spiritual Meaning Heather

Heather, Passion, generosity, healing, success, spiritual growth, connections with the spirit world. Lovers and consummation.

Heather Healing Uses And Benefits

Use the flowering shoots for stomach pains, coughs and skin disorders. Can be made into a tea to help insomnia. A tea or an Ale made from Heather is also a good general tonic and can the shoots can be crushed and used as a balm to help arthritis and rheumatism.

Honey harvested from heather aids with all the above qualities and Bee, being the designated animal, is associated with honey (the nectar of life) and wisdom. The Bees are sacred to the forest Druid. They are considered messengers of the gods. Our survival depends on them to pollinate our food. Today bees are a threatened species worldwide due to pesticides and deforestation.

Heather was used to make thatching, fuel, brooms, baskets and brushes and was woven into fences and walls for extra protection and strength. It makes a very strong rope as it is quite rot resistant. It also makes a great dye.

Ogham Runes Meanings Heather

Heather is a symbolic link between mother Earth and Father Heaven. It has a strong influence on lifting the spirit and caring for others. Helps to focus passion, healing and intuition. It can be a sign that romance is in the air and that dreams are about to come to fruition. It is associated with passionate love and the keeping of secrets. (Or uncovering them). It is a gateway between the conscious self and the deep levels of the unconscious.

Heather has a strong association with Mistletoe as both are considered lucky. (The white heather is considered the luckiest)

The station of Ur is the Summer Solstice – the time of consummation. The flowering time of Heather was a time of celebration and great indulgences. They honored the fact that both beer and honey were made from the Heather. Ur is associated with the Sun Goddess, Grainne, sometimes known as the Irish Goddess Aine who is a goddess of love, summer, wealth, fertility and sovereignty.

Ogham Magic Heather

Can be used magically to bring good luck and for restoration. Make an incense of heather or just use the dried sprigs and burn it whilst you meditate on inner healing. Of connecting to Great Spirit and bringing balance of body, mind, spirit and soul. Also burn heather to help you gather your thoughts, or find the passion in your life. Also see Mistletoe, by Druid Priestess © Jyoti Eagles

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