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Healing Code Guided Meditation

guided meditaiton healing code

Spiritual energy healing code guided meditation technique designed to revitalize the bodies living cells. Spiritual Healing Meditation and Visualization. Written Guided Meditation Technique Meditation energy healing, relax, take three deep breaths, in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Silently to yourself countdown from ten to one ( eyes … Read more

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Pineapple Health Benefits


Learn all about the pineapple its medicinal benefits and health cleansing appeal, not to mention its beautiful taste. by Angela Soya The pineapple was originally from Brazil (though there are different varieties found elsewhere in the world). The pineapple was spread by natives around South America and eventually to the Caribbean … Read more

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Personal Power

personal power

Personal Power And Spiritual Development Personal Power Definition The inner and outer worlds of spirit, present to us messages of personal power and ancient wisdom. All we do, all we see, and all we experience are inspiring us to have an awareness of our own personal power and connection to the universe … Read more

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Fixed Star Algol Meaning

fixed star algol

Astrological and spiritual meaning of the fixed star Algol situated in the constellation Perseus. by astrologer Crystal Gaze. Fixed Star Algol The fixed star Algol (Demon’s Head) situated in the constellation Perseus, 95 light-years from Earth.  An eclipsing binary star, Algol appears to “wink” as it releases mischievous and destructive energy… … Read more

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A Spiritual Love Connection

Spiritual Love Connection

Spiritual Love In Relationships Spiritual Love Connection. The key to nature is always balance and we on planet earth are required to walk a fine line for our very survival. As a species we are not that well designed to survive the sometimes harsh forces of nature, so, with our superior … Read more

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White Light Prayer

white light prayer

When the Earth and it’s people hurt, we all hurt. Three days before I cry, three days after I mourn. We are all connected knowingly or not. If you are unconscious to the planet and its people, the effects of emotional turmoil and human suffering will still play a part with you. … Read more

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Fixed Star Mimosa Meaning

The Astrological influences and spiritual metaphysical divination meaning of the fixed star Mimosa. from Astrologer Crystal Gaze. Fixed Star Mimosa Spiritual meanings, astronomical information and metaphysical influences of fixed stars in astrology chart divination. The bright, blue-white giant star Mimosa (Mimic) situated on the transverse beam of the constellation Crux (the Southern … Read more

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