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Learn 18 Hands White Light Healing Through Meditation

Spiritual Energy Healing Meditation

Meditation spiritual energy healing

Before we begin , recite out loud three times

I am willing and able to receive healing.
The source of my healing is the universal light of life itself.

Find a quiet space for meditation, make sure you will not be disturbed, lay comfortably. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth, relax the mind and body. Remind yourself that for the purpose of this meditation you are invoking the white light healers.

Meditation Technique

Picture yourself encompassed in white light, igniting warmth and love in your whole body. Imagine this healing light rushing through you. On its way through it lifts and evaporates all body, mental and emotional toxins, safely removing all discomfort, pain, disharmony, disease and negative thought.

Laying calm and still, surrounded by white light, basking in its powerful healing, you now ask for the collective of nine universal white light healers to come to you. Imagine them hearing your call from their distant galaxy and surrounding you with eighteen hands of white light healing power. Lay still, calm and relaxed for around twenty minutes with this vision in mind.

The moment before you are about to awaken from your meditation, say this silently to yourself three times

Over the next three days every time I awake
the universal white light continues its healing process as I go about my day.

A channeled meditation by psychic medium Ian Scott © 

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