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Campbell Newman Queensland’s Anti-Bikie Laws.

 Brisbane City Floods

Anti bikie laws Campbell Newman
Queensland Floods

The World Police Vision held by the illuminati that is playing out all over the world in various and countless ways has hit Australia with Machiavellian laws and the illuminati trade mark motto “order through chaos”. In the latest attempt to disarm the public a war has been declared on motorcycle clubs. Having to submit such a law is Brisbane’s Freemason the wealthy Campbell Newman.

The Anonymous group posted this video telling Campbell Newman “Expect Us”. They state that the anti-bikie laws are “creeping fascism“. This is no different to The Federal Reserve Banking System the worlds most corrupt criminal organization. This law works if we are going after them.

October 22, 2013: Retired supreme court judge,
Richard Chesterman QC publicly states
“no politician should have the legal power to imprison people indefinitely”.

The Monguls motorcycle club from Southern California today
1-11-2013 have sent 11,000 emails to Queensland police
threatening to kill them if they try to take them under arrest.

Courier mail article – Queensland police warned

It’s a big mess and hard to see through the cobwebs at first but all these stories are linked. If you are not sure entirely what all these stories mean keep looking keep researching, we are all so close to the truth now it cannot be stopped. This is not a movie this is not a conspiracy theory this is the conspiracy truth. Money really does make the global elites world go round.

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