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Use The Healing Code Through Guided Meditation

The Healing Process Meditation

spiritual energy healing

Healing Meditation revitalize human cells

Written Guided Meditation Technique

Meditation energy healing, relax, take three deep breaths, in through the nose and exhale out of the mouth. Silently to yourself countdown from ten to one ( eyes closed ). Imagine a ticking clock, with each second-hand movement, you sink deeper and deeper into relaxation.

Picture in your minds eye, every cell in your body magnified and displaying beautiful geometric designs of love and freedom. Iridescent light blue light spirals outwards from the patterns and shapes, softly transforming their structure downloading soul memory coded knowledge from the planets that we originate from. Every cell in our body will re-connect with the path of ascension of the planet earth and the human race. High-lighting and clarifying our spiritual purpose this life time round.

Within your meditation, visualize your cells in a state of dynamic metamorphosis, magically breathing health, vitality, love and joy into each and every micro part of you. The Iridescent light blue light repairs the cellular structure of the entire human body eradicating one of sleepiness of the soul or mind persuasion, that has been absorbed over the years. Magnetically attracting to you, your hopes, desires, and goals this life time around.

You become magnetic to your true spiritual self, friends, and family. People who remind us of our spiritual origins, help us retrieve vital soul memory of who we have been before and a glimpse of who we might become in the future.

Now calm the mind, clear the mind,countdown from ten to one slowly. For the next few minutes while you awake, concentrate on receiving the previously mentioned energy from another world. Calm the mind and body picture in your mind’s eye the downloading process, iridescent light blue light encompassing every cell in your body. Lay in quite for as long as this takes, if the connection has been made you will know when it has begun and finished. Meditation ©  by psychic medium Ian Scott

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