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Numerology 2014 The Quickening

Numerology Meaning 2014

Numerology number meanings
Numerology 2014

2013 influenced us with turbulent karmic energy and negative connotations leading us to freedom from what has restricted us before in the past. Making mend to personal illusions, liberating us from extreme seriousness and negative expectations.

2014 = 2 + 1 + 4 = 7
Previous lessons learnt from 2013 move us into a spiritual evolution of compassion, commitment and wiser understanding. Knowing now we not only affect the future, we are making it everyday.

Seven is the God head number pertaining to all things spiritual. Unions, joint ventures and relationships of all kinds may prosper in 2014 providing your intent is pure.

2014 universally offers a cosmic blessing, those that have worked on themselves raising their consciousness, will now have time to breathe,  gain strength, energy and find tangible solutions to put into practice what has been learnt.

2014 offers a unique opportunity to return home to ourselves spiritually, healing old inner conflicts and reaping the rewards of the spiritual quickening taking place in our universe. 2014 augers a time when we start to put into action the universal laws of Love and Honesty, creating integrity and protection.

Success will come to those in 2014 that listen and act upon their dreams and desires. by psychic medium © Ian Scott

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2 Comments on Numerology 2014 The Quickening

  1. Louise Welsh // June 6, 2014 at 6:08 am // Reply

    2013 did place our family under heavy strain but the gift was in making my husband and I work together to overcome.
    Very old wounds were a Stepfather that growing up, made my life difficult. He has cancer and over the last 3 years we have healed old wounds and learned to not only tolerate each other as old but actually like each other for the different people we are.
    2014 will be the closing of that book as we are about to lose him at the young age of 57, his cancer has become terminal. I can no longer be angry at this man who raised me and is paying the ultimate price in this form.
    2014 will be a hard year for us to bear but with an experience like this in our path, one of heavy spiritual contemplation and study.


  2. 2013 especially the second half of the year was an extremely difficult time for myself and my family. We are still struggling to heal our wounds. I do have to say that it has led me toward finding my spirituality which I would have not done otherwise. When I am more spiritually active I feel better over all so I hope that I am on the right path now.


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