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You’re Beautiful “Turn On The Light”

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Spiritual Love Poetry When
You’re Trying To Help Someone

I am the light and I look for you, it’s OK to seek something new. Don’t let things get you down, find a way to move beyond the frown.

trying to help poetry

You’re beautiful, for some yet unknown shadowed reasons, you fail to see that yourself. Amongst this crazy world with all its greed, hatred and dishonesty, is someone who is beautiful, honest and loving.

Somehow having live with the evil for so long, I think you may have thought the only way is their way, lie, cheat and be fraudulent, the way we have all been accustomed to, the darkness we call home.

In your heart you know this is not the way, knowing this is not true, hence the struggle to think and feel for yourself. For this is scary, it is new for you. I know you’re beautiful if you reside in the light, where everything is alright your fire will re-alight.

In the mysterious folds of your mind, I think you have come a little used to the walls you have built around you, nowhere else seems safe. You’re beautiful, but when I knock at that door, you never feel you’re beauty, so you don’t answer.

When reaching out to you, makes you move further away. My only hope is that some day you to, will know you are beautiful. I am the light and I look for you, it’s ok to seek something new. © psychic medium Ian Scott

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4 Comments on You’re Beautiful “Turn On The Light”

  1. Reblogged this on Consciousness Shift.


  2. sharoncummings // January 26, 2014 at 12:59 am // Reply

    So very true!


  3. McDaniel A. Gyamfi // January 24, 2014 at 10:13 pm // Reply

    Ha! This is so beautiful and so positive for the soul. Thanks for sharing.
    – McDaniels Gyamfi


  4. was this poem about praising someone who is beautiful and humble and yet unaware of this?


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