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Feminism – The Hate Movement.

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Feminism was once considered one of the greatest victories for human kind in the free world.  Women from every walk of life joined together and fought side by side for the right to vote. Some men also helped fight for the cause.  It was a fight for equality, a fight to be heard, and a fight for the future.


Feminism in the modern world

Today, sadly, feminism is an altogether a different animal.  Feminism has evolved into a man-hating, demoralizing fight for domination.  Where once women were oppressed, women have now turned into the oppressors.  Every week we can read about a new hate campaign.

One in particular that made my blood boil is the pro-choice campaign.  I do believe in a woman’s right to choose abortion if she wishes.  I do not believe we should make a trend of it and hand out free “coat hanger necklaces” for choosing to abort a human life.  Choosing to terminate a pregnancy should be a long, educated, thoroughly thought out decision. Not a rash, trendy, “I’m a real feminist” fad.  Choosing to have children is also a choice that should not be demonized.  I am constantly questioned and criticized for choosing children over a career.  I fell pregnant when I was 17 and chose to continue to add to my family instead of seeking full time employment.  My husband agreed with my decision.  That does not mean I am an oppressed, lazy, male dominated person.  It means I am an empowered woman who chose which path I wanted to walk in life,

The newest feminism movement began yesterday.  It has taken the social media platform by storm.  #killallmen.

When did feminism become about hate instead of equality?  Why do we have to hate men in order to become “real women”?  Men are not the source of a woman’s problems.  Our attitude towards men is the problem.   As a woman, I have met some horribly degrading and self-absorbed men. Men who think they have a right to talk down to and belittle women, that a woman’s place is in the kitchen and not as a fully functioning member of society.  These men believe women are possessions to be objectified and humiliated.  I have also met just as many women who act the same way.  Women who believe it is their right to judge and humiliate other women.  They force their views and opinions, they degrade and criticize and make other women feel worthless.  These women aim to dominate and own other women.

These actions have become a human trait.  They are not unique to the male gender.  Vilifying men will not empower women.  We need to come together as a whole, men and women, and fight for human rights.  We need to fight for the rights of every person, not every man or woman, through love, understanding and unity, not subjugation and separation.  Only then will true equality be achieved.  – Angela Soya

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3 Comments on Feminism – The Hate Movement.

  1. leannepenning // March 26, 2014 at 12:23 am // Reply

    Feminism still stands for equality. The campaigns linked in this blog are nothing more than the female equivalent of misogyny. They may hijack the word feminism but they by no means have a place in its ever-changing definition. Once feminism simply meant getting the vote, now it covers issues both women and men can relate to. I proudly call myself a feminist: I believe just as strongly that men should get better paternity rights as I do that women should not be discriminated against because of their sex. I also know many men who call themselves feminists. I applaud your choice to raise your children and I frown against anyone eho judges you becaue of it. For me, feminism means having the ability to choose and to have control over your body and your life, regardless of your sex.


    • Thrive On News // March 26, 2014 at 9:44 am // Reply

      It’s very nice to hear someone else with the same sentiments I have. Thank you for commenting. Although I do believe we need to move away from the word feminism in general. I have searched for a word that will encompass all human rights as feminism does for women and masculism does for men. And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve come up empty. There isn’t a general term for wanting equal rights for both genders. Humanism is a non-religious view point and peoplists means you hate everyone equally. I know not all feminists are 3rd wave femrads, (radical feminists, which is what they call themselves now) unfortunately this is the group with the loudest voice at the moment and we are having them shoved in our faces through every media outlet. Segregation is a multi-billion dollar industry. If we could move away from feminism and masculism and come together as one united force, with equal rights for all, we really could change the world.


      • leannepenning // March 26, 2014 at 10:19 am // Reply

        I’ve encountered the same problem, the closest I’ve come up with is universalism but that has no doubt been snagged by the sciences already. It’s a shame really because the word’s very etymology is what prevents many men from labelling themselves feminists.


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