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Sun, Mars And Earth Alignment Total Lunar Eclipse – Spiritual Poetry

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At 8.53 am ET, on the 14th of April 2014,
brings the quickening switch.
The Sun, Earth and Mars will all align,
also on this day we have a total lunar eclipse.

On a unique and extremely
concentrated total lunar eclipse,
magical happenings occur, conjuring united bliss.

Born from the flames of the Sun and lightning,
ends and burns anew, the darkness only brief,
a time to see more than you ever have before.

Haunting of the fears,
about to let go.
The cosmic energy nears,
enlightened from another realm.

The Sun, Mars and Earth align,
light bodies in tune.
A universal force
of love, light and continuum.

With bright lightened palms
I too join the alignment.
From earth to heaven, feet to hands
Light workers are in demand.

With Mars close, the Samurai no longer sleeps.
The Dragon rises, full of surprises,
pure healing not for the ones dreaming.

The channel is opening,
our visitors have a clear path.
Ships fall in on the aftermath.

Looking at the same moon,
no distance nor time
will stop the paradigm.

The quickening, the switch
An alignment never felt before.
Radiate your light,
pass Saturn to become part of the plight. – Ian Scott

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Visit Us At Etsy Druid Boy Designs Online Shop

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