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Australia’s Tina Arena – Awakened – It’s Just What It Is

Australia’s Tina Arena, beautiful, smart and awakened with awareness. Her new album Reset is trance like truth spoken from the heart, Tina is co-creative director for her up and coming Australian Tour in August – September 2014.

Tina-Arena-Tina Arena – Reset All

 ”At this point in my career …
I want to make things as clean and transparent
as possible in a world that is incredibly murky” – Tina Arena

Tina is also financing it her self, in an interview she said “put your money where your mouth is.” Tina Arena having a lifetime of experience, is aware of the Music Industry and all of their tricks and exploitation of Music Artists.

”I’ve lost more money than I’ve made,
it’s the honest truth,” – Tina Arena

One of the songs that struck a chord for me was “It’s Just What It Is”, here Tina speaks about not being angry anymore, she has a go at corrupting politicians chem trails, free speech and the evil in the world not to mention the Music Industry and how one day the earth will be pure again.

‘I’m in control of my own destiny
and I’d like to reclaim some of my power’. – Tina Arena

When asked in an interview if she would fall to the pressures of the Music Industry and take her clothes off, be sexual and do a wrecking ball thing like Mylee Cyrus, she said “I have to much pride for my self to be doing that and NO I will not.”

This is the type of Artist we need to support, Tina Arena Love, Light, Honesty and truth, we love you, keep spreading the light. – Ian Scott

For Tour Dates, Tickets and albums go to Tina

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1 Comment on Australia’s Tina Arena – Awakened – It’s Just What It Is

  1. Very uplifting that she is doing what she’s doing. Good on Tina!


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