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Astrology – June Monthly Horoscopes

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During the month of June old Hermes will have us all buzzing, as Mercury is retrograde in Gemini (see last week’s article on Mercury Retrograde) from the 7th of June until the 2nd July. For most of the month emotions will rule the mind. This transit is a real double whammy, as Mercury is Gemini’s natural ruler and feels quite at home here. But be prepared for a lot of chatter – both in your head and in your environment.

Horoscope wheel
Best way to deal with the winged Messenger when he is in Retrograde is to work with him. Even though he can be a bit of a trickster – he does have a good wit and a great sense of humor. Review the past and make note of changes you wish to make. And back up your computers girls and boys! Get that car serviced!

Information will seem to just be absorbed through osmosis, just seep into our brain subliminally. We will all have to watch our emotional actions and re-actions during this transit, especially on the home front.

As we enter the sign of Cancer in the second half of the month, life will all about family and home. Cancer rules the biological and psychological foundation of the home and family. Our place where all of our patterning originates and is programmed. Cancer never forgets a thing.

It is ruled by the moon which, as we know influences the tides of the ocean and a woman’s menstrual cycles. The Moon has traditionally represented the feminine and all those womanly qualities of nurturing, mood swings, mothering and emotional support. She helps us to experience our unconscious attitudes, from which we usually hide.

Cancer begins right on mid-winter in the southern hemisphere and mid-summer in the northern hemisphere; a magical turning point on the wheel of the year when the Holly and the Oak Kings take it in turns to do battle to win the favor of the White Goddess – the Moon herself.

Aries monthly horoscope


Your thoughts turn to home and family and what and who is meaningful to you in your immediate relationships. Listen to your self-talk.  This time it is all about you Aries – your childhood memories and the impact they have had on your life. You will be feeling a little melancholy which could be a good thing – or not, depending on how honest you can be with yourself.  After Mercury turns direct on the 2nd July, what you have been chewing over these past couple of weeks it will become more clear.  Until then let go, release, review and relax.  (Please take care on the road.)

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Time to evaluate your communication skills. Good time to edit that book you have had sitting on your computer and give it the finishing touches that it requires. Your mind is alert and creative. You just want to be king of your castle this month. People may mis-understand you during the Mercury Retrogrde period, so be clear with what you say to others as they could not just mis-understand you but mis-represent you as well.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


Ask yourself what your core values are. Time to un-clutter Gemini.  Go ahead and label those storage bins in your garage, delete old emails and clean out your files. What do you need to hold on to and what goes into the bin! Do a budget. You are being asked to be authentic this month and steadfast. Your intuition is higher than usual. Focus.  Surround yourself with beauty, throw that dinner party and enjoy the company of small groups.

Cancer monthly horoscopes


This is your month and the focus will be on home and family and nurturing yourself and your emotions.  It’s ok for things to be about you, as you are the center of your own universe. A harmonious time where your emotions and ego are in sync. Balance is the key.

Leo monthly horoscope


There are things hidden deep in your psyche that you can reach this month.  Time for some real soul searching. Watch out for synchronicities, and keep a dream journal. Just allow the sub-conscious to reveal to you your souls purpose and how you can best be of service.

Virgo monthly horoscope


Friends and groups may well pull on your emotional strings this month. Be prepared to listen to other peoples points of view.  The tension you may be feeling is due to you not being truly in touch with your feelings.  Remember, over analysis causes paralysis.

Libra monthly horoscope


Career and professional matters are the flavor of the month.  Instead of trying to micro-manage your future – allow, allow, allow.  You never know what might pop out of the ethers.  You have grace on your side.  Enjoy.

Scorpio monthly horoscope


Travel or study plans may not go the way you plan until Mercury goes direct. Delays are only temporary, giving you time to let the universe catch up with what you already knew.  Surrender.  Nothing is under control.

Saggitarius monthly horoscope


Finances or shared resources are foremost in your mind and life this month.  Best to brainstorm new and innovative ways to come up with new possibilities. But wait until after the 2nd July to sign anything.

Capricorn monthly horoscope


It’s all about relationships for you this month.  Seeing yourself through the eyes of the other and rethinking your boundaries and priorities.  It’s about balance. Things could go a bit crazy for a bit, but only as the pendulum swings its way back to that center line. You may try to charm your way out of things, but you won’t win any brownie points if you use sarcasm.

Aquarius monthly horoscope


Look after your health this month.  How is your diet?  Are you doing enough exercise? Is this the lifestyle you really want? This is a good month to get with the program and nurture your physical needs. Not a good time for surgery or lazar treatment of any kind. Beware of sharp knives and broken glass. Look for that window of opportunity as it unexpectedly presents itself to you.

Pisces monthly horoscopes


A really creative time for you. If you have an unfinished project hidden away – now is the time to bring it out. Your voice is being heard. Let those dreams become manifest. You could find yourself drawn to theatre or drama be it in the home or on stage.  if you just put your life on cruise control and let go let goddess.  Fun times ahead – if not at times a little heated. Let off some of that excitable energy by taking a short trip or getting involved in some networking of some kind that will set you up in the future. – Jyoti Eagles

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