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Astrology Planets Meaning Mercury

Planets astrology meaning mercury

Metaphysical and astrological meanings Mercury

Mercury Messenger of the gods. Mind thought, communication, intuition, change ability.

Mercury Gods: Hermes the magician.
Mercury Zodiac: Rules Gemini and is exalted in Virgo.

Medical Astrology Mercury

In the body mercury is associated with the arms, the hands and the nervous system.

Spiritual Meaning Mercury

Mercury is said to be the messenger of the gods as he travels swiftly between them all. Also known as the trickster. He influences speech, travel, early learning, writing conscious thought, intellectual capacity and logic.

Mercury affects the way in which we think and process information, and consequently affects the way we communicate. He is nervous, ambi-dextrus, quick-witted, social, versatile, flirtatious and fast moving. Can be a thief and a liar. – © Jyoti Eagles

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