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Astrology – July Monthly Horoscopes 2014

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Aries monthly horoscope


Remain flexible with your thoughts this month as you will find yourself pontificating some rather lofty ideals which you may want to take out into the world. You will be questioning your role in life and may even be up for a change in jobs.

You will also be thirsting for knowledge at this time so be patient and thorough with your research and it will be sure to pay off. Uranus is still in Aries and this whole year is one of change and action so keep your thinking hats on and keep a lid on that impulsive urge that can sometimes lead you into places where angels fear to tread. There is travel afoot but be careful of accidents.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


The focus is on social activities and organizations this month Taurus. You should be feeling pretty good in your body at this time so go ahead and take out that gym membership your friends have been trying to coerce you into joining.

You are able to see through things with x-ray vision towards the end of the month and should be feeling rather compassionate towards others. That stubbornness which is so entrenched in your nature could be easily turned into perseverance and endurance. Good time for you to set a budget and sort out your finances for the next financial year.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


Keeping secrets will only undermine others confidence in you. You will be feeling like taking some time out and spending time reflecting after last month’s Mercury Retrograde but don’t forget to let people know what’s going on for you. If you need to spend some time in your cave just let your family and friends know.

This will also be a social month of love and friendship but you’re not going to want to be flitting from one place to another quite so much. This month you will have a desire to serve the community and do what is right. You have an unusual degree e of selflessness in love this month.


People will notice that inner glow you are radiating right now. You have a great need to express yourself and to be the king or queen of your own castle. It is possible that you are so passionate about what you are saying that you forget to listen to what others have to say.

Keep the balance here. Your nesting urge is particularly strong as is your need to feel emotionally secure. Good time to do renovations to your home. One word of warning however, Sun conjunct Jupiter can mean you could be inclined to overindulge. Watch the weight this month. Good luck is on its way.


You’d really love to just settle in to your favourite comfy lounge with a good metaphysical book or a mushy movie and dream the month away – but there are problems to be solved, arguments to be settled and technology to be sorted.

There could be hidden forces at hand so don’t take anything for granted. You have the ability to look deeply into the core of things this month. Out with the old and in with the new.


Time to get to the gym and get that body in shape Virgo. Stop analysing it all and just do it. You may also put forth your ideas with considerable vigor at this time and will gain understanding through learning something new every day.

Pay attention to your immediate environment, even though you could spend quite a lot of time on the road or even take a short trip somewhere exciting. Remember to breathe.


Expect a total re-organization of your domestic environment and personal relationships this month. You can no longer just put up with the old way of things as they are no longer your truth or they have served their purpose. You are in a time of great transition where your goals are about to come to fruition.

You are sitting right in the middle of the grand water trine between Venus, Saturn and Chiron which is here to stay until early August. This sets the underlying vibration of grace, ease and healing to all that is encountered. Saturn can also represent father figures or parents who will play an important role for Librans this month.


Prepare to be inspired Scorpios, your creative juices are flowing easily and freely this month. Good time to tackle or complete any project of a creative nature or simply enjoy some live theatre. Your thoughts could be full of speculation and imagination.

New relationships should be approached with caution as after the glamour wears off things may not be as they seem. You could be inclined to take a gamble or risk under this month’s influences, which it would be wise to weigh up carefully before you jump.


Time to take a break from your eternal quest for knowledge and get physical. A month of hard work is ahead for you and there’s not many obstacles in the way. Good time to have that annual health check-up you’ve been putting off. Take time to focus on your inner healing as well and remember to pay attention to detail.


This month will test a marriage or business partnership that is not basically sound. Any change that happens is ultimately for the better as the universe cleans up your act for you if you have not been gutsy enough to do it for yourself.

Remember, the world around you is constantly re-arranging itself to reflect what is going on in your sub-conscious – to hold up the mirror for you to have a good look at yourself. You can no longer blame others for things that happen to you as you will be forced to take responsibility for your part.


This is a good month to turn your attention in and get to know your inner workings better. Learning to meditate or studying things occult should be of interest to you. There could also be things going on behind the scenes that you have not been aware of, so don’t take anything at face value. Not a good time to borrow money this month.


If you are open to new experiences, perceptions, and ways of looking at the world, this month could bring you a brand new perspective on life. Your imagination and communication are well in sync and so is your sense of adventure. Whatever you can perceive and believe you can achieve. –  Jyoti Eagles Copyright  © Thrive On News – Spiritual Magazine

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