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Pluto Planet Meaning

Pluto planet meaning

Pluto planet meaning represents obsession, compulsiveness, fanaticism, sense of mission, emotionally driven resilient, inscrutable, sensitive, and magnetic. Pluto Planet Meaning Spiritual Conscious evolution, transformation, spiritual expansion, empathic, Intuition. Pluto Gods:  God of the Underworld. Zodiac Meaning Pluto: Rules Scorpio and is exalted in Leo. Rune Stone: Fehu, Algiz runestone Medical Astrology … Read more

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Moon Planet Meaning

moon planet meaning

The moon planet meaning bright brilliant moon as the night star she is associated with dreams, the unconscious, moods, and subjectivity.   Metaphysical and Astrological  Unconscious, heightened emotions, responsiveness, psychic awareness, tender and strong femininity, intuition creativity. A reflector of the light and truth. Moon Gods: All moon goddesses. Moon Astrology meaning: … Read more

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Medical Marijuana Oil

Medicinal Marijuana oil

The medicinal qualities and benefits of medical Marijuana oil proof of its amazing effects on the body. Marijuana has always known to be a healer. Medicinal Marijuana Information Medical Marijuana Oil. Nature’s Health Elixir. One of the most ancient natural medicines known to man, with the oldest discovered written history dating back … Read more

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Numerology Love Test

numerology love test

Numerology love test. the word love holds its own special vibration. Find out your love vibration number and how to find a love match. Numerology Love By Numbers Numbers, words, months, days and dates all have importance to us, we use them every day. Therefore behold the creation of energy, energy … Read more

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