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Astrology – September Monthly Horoscopes 2014

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September Monthly Horoscopes – This month kicks off on a rather serious note with the focus on relationships, and finding the balance between our needs and what fulfills us – testing our communication skills. As the full moon approaches (the last of the super moons for the year) social activities increase, along with our sensitivity. Pluto goes direct at the end of the month so get ready to put those changes into action. The transformation is ready for its next cycle.

Aries monthly horoscope


Changes to your finances could affect your life in some unexpected way. Get excited Aries ! Uranus has been all over you for most of the year asking you to look at the changes you need to make. By the end of the month you will view the world in new and stimulating ways. Watch out for impulsive spending.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


You may feel a strong urge to get away from the daily routine. There is a slight restlessness and a need for intellectual stimulation. Travel or communication with people from other countries could prove to be quite beneficial.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


This month offers you the opportunity to explore some of those more lofty ideals that swim around in your busy head. It’s a good time to take up some study or higher education of some kind. Philosophy and spirituality call to you.


You are sensitive at the best of times and this month puts you in touch with your emotions – for better or worse. There is an opportunity for transformation on many levels but take it easy on the swinging moods and remember to nurture yourself as well as everybody else in your universe.


Time in your den will be time well spent. Things are just a little out of reach for you right now, and some changes need to occur in the way you structure your life. Think big Leo ! Luck is just around the corner.


You’re feeling quite good about yourself at the moment. Rather dreamy in fact. For all you singles out there you could find a little romance is afoot, but just be aware that you may have some unrealistic ideals that may lead to acute disappointment with loved ones in general. Examine your personal motives in case they trip you up.


This month is all about change. Change of your living situation, your lover or just moving the furniture around in your house. Just go with the flow Libra. You can’t argue with yourself forever because eventually the universe just comes in and makes your mind up for you.


Great month for getting into some body building or giving the mind a good workout. Careful of accidents though as you’re inclined to make some impulsive decisions from an emotional perspective rather than thinking things through. You could go on short trips or take up a new hobby course. There could be a marriage proposal or wedding coming your way.


Family matters are top priority for you. You’re a bit of a home body this month and could even do a spot of house decorating or renovation. Don’t bite off more than you can chew as you could be inclined to think too big. Baby steps are what is required.


Sudden inspirations could change your direction or inspire your creativity this month. Take care of health issues and try to see the big picture. You create your own reality; the good, the bad and the ugly.


Keeping the balance emotionally, physically and mentally for you is a juggling act you will achieve at this time. You are insightful and observant. Stay with the witness for assured success with the little challenges that could push you to new grounds.


This is your full moon this month and your sensitivities are comfortably heightened during the second week. You could be drawn to spiritual gatherings or teachings that could change the direction of your life. Look to the other to see your reflection clearly. –  © Jyoti Eagles

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