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Poetry In Silence We Connect

Spiritual Poetry

Ain’t no Guru
Sit to high
May just fall
When we talk
we are all tall.

Sky and Earth Poetry

Personal Power Poetry

Ascension Awaken The Spirit

No saint
No sinner
No angel
No demon
Always time for reason.

The mind behind the eye’s
decides the prize.
The soul inside
reaches for it’s fate
before it’s to late.

Not a gold chalice,
but a goblet carved from oak,
wrapped in an invisible cloak.
The scene set
octagon table beset.

Awaken the fires
Shift the winds
Flow the waters
Become the earth
Configure, stimulate, release.

Look to the sky
Look to the ground
Build the connection
between the two.
In the middle is us.

Reside in this power
collect it’s equivalent shower.
Unity is accomplished in the mind,
the minds of all men.

No meeting is needed
Nor an introduction.
Connect now connect
with everyone on the planet.
Feel it’s power, feel it’s love.

Set free the unbinding and equal love
you have conjured, release.
Release and gather again.
No one is alone we are all connected.

To all connect together not a sound
nor word is needed.
It’s just in the knowing
that we all hear each other. © Ian Scott

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