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goddess meditation

Meditation Goddess

Guided Written Meditation

Guided spiritual healing meditation. Before you begin, prepare the mind, body, and spirit, create your sacred space. A comfortable bed or mattress preferably positioned with your feet pointing south is best. This aligns your body with magnetic north allowing ease and correct balancing when leaving the body into the astral world. Light an incense, have a glass of water, stretch your limbs, swing your arms around a few times before laying down.

Meditation Technique

Lay on your back, arms to the side, legs shoulder width apart, relax all your weight into the mattress. Take a moment to experience yourself sinking deeper and truly allowing your body to rest all its weight. Squeeze all the facial muscles tighten the eye’s move the nose and mouth, give your face a little workout. A relaxing stress relieving meditation energy will soon follow.

Close the eyes breathe in deeply through the nose, breathe out through the mouth, do this three times. Visualize yourself walking up a giant majestic snow capped mountain. The path is steep and winding up the mountain in a snake-like fashion, allowing ease and pace as you walk. As you ascend towards the mountains peak, the clearer your mind becomes, your worries disappear and any troubles you may have had drift away with the wind.

Imagine seeing yourself reaching the mountain peak after several hours of walking, you arrive with a sense of calm. Upon entering the land of the great goddess you are asked to clear your mind of all negative thoughts. The Goddess reminds you, “once you are in my presence you are protected by my healing and compassion”.

Goddess Meditation

Written Meditation Goddess

Picture yourself having an eagles eye view of your life as it is now. From this vantage point, you will have a balanced perspective of your relationships, friendships, personal health, business and spiritual development. Ask yourself with the goddess’s help and guidance a few questions and at the end of the meditation act upon your immediate and instinctive answers. “ What would be the most forgiving act I could do, think or say to someone at this time ? ”. “ How do I bring into in my life greater honesty, respect, and integrity ? ”.

Make your way back down the mountain slowly, giving yourself time to ponder your answers before you awake. Make a note of your answers so you can refer to them at a later date to see if you accomplished your revelation’s. by psychic medium © Ian Scott

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