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Astrology – November Monthly Horoscopes 2014

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Aries monthly horoscope


A positive month for the Ram. Aries can count on good results in business this month. You could be learning new skills or brushing up on some old ones to help with practicalities. Additional profits through hard work will bring you joy. You may need to develop a little diplomacy where relationships are concerned – and as tact is not usually one of your natural traits – things could get a bit messy in the first couple of weeks. Choose your words with care. By the end of the month there could be a special someone coming into your life. A month to push yourself in all areas of your life – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope


Jupiter has moved into your home, highlighting expansion and a sense of belonging and inner balance. Could also mean an extension or simply maintenance, repairs or ticking off that ‘to do’ list. Your creativity is at its peak this month. Watch out for the trickster. Health and health providers will be in the forefront. Stay true to your own inner values and inner nature.

Gemini monthly horoscopes


You will be feeling in a positive frame of mind and new concepts, connections and jargons could be carved into your mental landscape. Stick to your goals. Learn how to separate the needy from the greedy as it will serve you to set and maintain strong boundaries this month. Imagination, good causes, healing and spirituality are favoured.


With four planet in your house of love and eroticism this month you will be feeling playful, energized and sensual. Old relationships could be re awakened. Mars will be in your house for a couple of months, who apart from the sexuality, desire and conquest this transit brings, there could be some violence and conflict around. Definitely there will be plenty of action. Collaboration and tam mobilization can lead to success. There could also be a boost to your bank account. Good time to take up a fitness routine.


Time to bring out that Leo charismatic charm. Love is favoured this month, as is hard work. You will want to finish everything there is to do – and some more. Money flows easily to you this month – in some cases more than you expected. Expect success in that new business venture. Mars is in your house of health so be very careful about accidents and watch your health because it is crucial to you this month.


Mars conjuncts Pluto in your house of love bringing you a magnetism nobody can ignore. This can create an irresistible attraction and perhaps some memorable erotic experiences. All planets point to a month of love and sensuality and a great emotional and sexual intensity. You will be persuasive and expressive and eager to communicate on an intellectual level. A good time to launch that new project with all this vitality.


The first part of the month could feel a little uncomfortable for Librans, but towards the end of the month Uranus trines Venus in your house of relationships, indicating some unexpected somebody to appear in your life. Finances should start to improve this month too and some fruitful contacts and contracts could emerge. There could be a business trip and if you manage your resources well, you can do honourabley. Try to relax. The pressure will be rather high in the first part of the month, causing confusion and conflict or crisis.


Love, money and vitality are favoured this month for all you Scorpios. All in all a pleasurable and successful time ahead. There are grand projects at hand and luck is on your side. You will stand out, shine, impose – achieving great financial satisfaction. You can be prone to sudden fits of restlessness, anxiety or irritability which could lead to conflict. Be careful if you are driving when one of these moods hits.


Communication and expression will be limited this month and regardless of how much goodwill you might have, it is possible that some sentimental problem will not be avoidable in the first couple of weeks. Your vitality is low. You could be feeling lonely, frustrated and disappointed in things and people, but the second half of the month brings a slice of happiness you have truly earned. Financially you will have a lot of initiative and should be careful not to take any risks. A beneficial period for social contacts towards the end of the month. Take care of health issues.


Mars will be in Capricorn making you determined and dynamic. You could even win a heart or two… Group activities and projects are favoured. On a professional level your month will be active and efficient. It’s all action this month Caps, for yourself and in motivating others. Financial satisfaction towards the end of the month.


Relationships could end or begin this month. The first part of the moth could be a little tense as you are pushed to make a decision or overcome an obstacle. But you have lucky Jupiter on your side so all things considered you can expect remarkable fulfilment and success. Sun, Venus, Mercury and Saturn will give you a hand to help you benefit from the efforts you have made lately. There could be an unexpected financial chance. Be careful when travelling as there could be a slight risk of accident.


Finances will pay an important part for couples this month. You may realize a few deep truths regarding your partner or what makes the tick. A time of spiritual searching. A search for higher knowledge. Keep your eyes open for business opportunities. Dose up on calcium to feed those aching bones and joints. – Jyoti Eagles

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