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How To Develop Your Intuition

Learn To Use The Sixth Sense

The Way To The Sixth Sense Is Through The Other Five

The Six Sense

Developing your intuition through psychic awareness

Developing your intuition

A spiritual awakening. By expanding your spiritual awareness into all of your senses you will automatically increase your intuition because you will be living more in the present moment with your mind enrolled in expansion and receptivity. It’s a way of living your life from one second to the next. But you have to do the work. Listen to what people say and really hear them.

When you are eating take your time to appreciate and tune into the flavor of your food. Really taste it. Feel the texture. What part of your tongue, mouth, pallet, body – does it effect.  Listen to your intuition about what you should eat (…not that little voice that is addicted to sugar and stodge). Smell is closely associated with taste but also connected to the memory center if the brain.

The past. (They’re all connected somewhere, some how to different chakras, centers and emotions , etc. But that’s another article). What sense, memory, do smells evoke in you? Keep a journal. When you look at somebody, place, event or thing –  really look. Apart from the various Colors, reflections and physical beauty of what you are seeing with your eyes, what else can you see. Auras? Guides? Shadows? A lie? Excitement? Fear?

Using Your Sixth Sense

Expand your awareness and really look with an eye of another kind. What can you hear?  Right now there is a fly buzzing in one corner of the room, I’m inside and the wind is rustling the leaves outside the window. A bird sings in the distance. The loudest noise is inside my head as it constantly chatters away and I still and expand my mind to listen to it all.

Next time you are having a conversation or listening to somebody on radio or TV truly listen to what is being spoken. What is their agenda. Listen and really hear. Their tone of voice, body language, how you feel. Does it make your skin crawl ? Hairs stand on edge? How does your body react ? Touch is giving and receiving. We communicate through touch and feel nurtured and healed through touch. In fact, if an infant is not touched it dies. Touch is connected to our heart.

Things are soft, Hard, rough, sharp and textured. People and animals are too, but in a different way. Be aware of your sense of touch and what you are feeling (really feeling). What other realities can you touch with your awareness?  Can you feel the edge of a persons or plants energy field with the palm of your hand ? Or simply be aware of another person touching yours when you’re in their presence?  Get to know your sense of touch and how you relate to it.  You’ll find out all kinds of things about yourself.

By expanding your spiritual awareness of all your senses and touching, tasting, hearing, seeing and smelling with receptivity and an open mind, you will soon realize that little voice that pops into your head from nowhere has always been there – guiding you, warning you, making sure you are in the right place at the right time. Protecting you. Giving you that gut feeling. Your intuition is your birthright. Trust it. – © Jyoti Eagles

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    Grand post thanks so much very good…


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    Great post! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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    Following one’s intuition — that still, small voice inside — what a gift.


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