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Break The Chains That Bind Us What Is This Reality

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Spiritual Poetry

In this wakeful dream we find a winding stream, it’s life,
it’s not a ride you don’t have to keep your hands inside.

One day you’ll see we were blind all along, only sight is what we think..
feel free to laugh, yell and scream just know there only echoes..


Spiritual Poem Chains

Dancing in the wind, floating, twisting, turning, dying with the breeze..
Yeh it’s that quick..

A momentary lapse of reality..
Before you know it you will be back in that stream of dreams,
that lays in the spaces between the lives we string together,
continuously weaved into the grand scheme of things,
the web of life that rings throughout eternity,
eternally bonding us, rippling in space forever and never more.

Nothing is as it seems,
in fact it is what we perceive it to be, deceived by what we see.

Projecting scenes interpreted by a brain that has learnt how to be,
reflecting on memories and concepts built with boundaries upon foundations,
accommodated to fabricate an existence based on a contained state of mind,
dictating conformity and rejecting free thought along with individuality.

Coerced into a lifetime of slavery, restrained by chains in every form,
forced to break free in a whirlwind of conscious thought,
suppressed truths reaching breaking point
and bursting out of the seams of a supposed normalcy,
intimately connecting us back to the source as ancestry flows,
over our subconscious like a breeze off the moving shores.

Elevated vibrations cause enlightened sensations
creating powerful transformations
big enough to initiate changes for the ages to come, passing from generations,
leaving imprints we’ll see when we return to a physical reality,
manifested in a history we once conceived to be as all there is.

In time we will know we’ve done this before so we can do it again,
kissed by the lips of eternity, of divinity, of peace,
of unity and of the great spirit that is the sea our dreams are birthed in.

In this wakeful dream we find a winding stream,
it’s Life and it’s whatever we believe it to be
so let’s sing and believe we are free,
only then shall it be.
Only then can we see we were born as kings and queens – © Wendee Valencia

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