January Spiritual Meaning

January spiritual meaning and symbology for the month of January. Find out how you can prosper using the energy shifts of the month of January. Numerology January Powered by the number one, January has all the prospects of being favorable, although not without its challenges. Unity, trust and a commitment to work … Read More

Meditation MP3 Spiritual Awakening

Free to download spiritual awakening meditation mp3 music awakening, Lifting To Ascension, video play and new age music, designed to open all seven chakras. Spiritual Meditation Music Free Mp3 Downloads. Free immediate meditation music download from Thrive On News. Create a special ambiance in your meditations with this free new age meditation music. Music helps … Read More

5 Health Benefits Of Morning Meditation

Daily morning meditation and how meditating can heal as well as correct our health and well being. Five health reasons to meditate in the morning. Meditation is an amazing tool for relaxation, soothing and healing the body and calming the mind, easing anxiety and stress. Meditation has many health benefits including; helping … Read More

Herbal Lore Meaning

Herbal lore meaning In ancient times herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic and many of these plants were written into their mythos. Druid Herbal Lore Meaning And Legend There is a Druid legend where the Bards tell a story about a King of the deity Diancecht who was said to … Read More

Kangaroo Symbolic Meaning

Kangaroo totem. Aboriginal people honored the Kangaroo for creating a magical balance between ruthless warrior and nurturing gentle softness. Kangaroo totem animal. The name Kangaroo originates from the word Gangarru an Australian Aboriginal word, from the traditional language of the Guugu Yimithirr people of Far North Queensland. The Aboriginal people held the … Read More

Dreamcatcher Meaning

Dreamcatcher meaning symbol of the protection given by the spider woman Asibikaashi who watched over and protected the children of the tribe from nightmares Dreamcatcher meaning. How to understand a dreamcatcher, what it is and how to use it spiritually and magically. by psychic medium Ian Scott. About The Dream Catcher The Ojibwe … Read More

Wind Oracle Card Meaning

Wind Oracle card Wisdom inspired by the magical and spiritual presence of sacred tree groves around the world. Ask the Oracle a question? Nature’s Oracle Introduction Wind Oracle Card. Nature’s Oracle the way of energy a spiritual Oracle focused on raising one’s consciousness toward an understanding of the self, peace, and compassion. Ian Scott … Read More

Lightworkers Update

With a depression over the earth this November, Lightworkers update be aware, time to raise consciousness, love, and light. by psychic medium Ian Scott. For Other LightWorkers Who May Be Struggling Over the last few weeks, I have had a rush of fellow lightworkers feeling the devastation that rests over the earth … Read More

Pranic Healing And Does It Work

Learn about Pranic healing it’s spiritual and health benefits, with prana breathing exercise and a way we can heal the planet using love, light, and healing Pranic healing is a simple yet effective system founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. Master Choa dedicated his life to developing this system and for 20 … Read More

Telekinesis Do You Have It ?

Telekinesis Demonstration Watch as this disabled man performs Telekinesis (psychokinesis) right in front of a passing crowd on the streets of Thailand.  Seemingly not many are surprised, I’m guessing they think it’s a trick or parlour magic, check it out for yourself. Telekinesis Meaning A Super Human Ability Telekinesis (a Greek word meaning distant movement) … Read More

Bat Totem Spiritual Meaning

Bat Totem Meaning. The symbolism of bat in your house signifies a great change in one’s personal life, a spiritual transition, change of worldview. The belly of Mother Earth, the cave dwellers versed in magic. The Dream weavers, unraveling the spiritual mysteries. Bat Totem Metaphysical Meaning Bat totem spiritual meanings are, extrasensory perception, Regeneration, … Read More

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