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Choice At Dawn Poem

Inspirational Spiritual Poetry

inspirational poetry choice at dawn

Spiritual Poetry

Spirit Of Choices

The cycle of the grand trine is reaching
completion and where do we feature.

Events of the future can only be predicted
by the actions chosen in the present.

On a fine line of possible destruction
or creation, blurred by our motives.

Shown in the outcomes and replayed
in different forms, abstract at times.

But there are opportunities in the obscurity,
the choice really is ours.

The choice to stay afraid or take
a chance, to let it be or fight back.

The choice to remain silent
or to be heard, to be stood on or stand up !

The choice to grow or
be held down, to love or hate.

The choice to learn or
be ignorant, to talk or behave.

The choice to start small,
by going outdoors more, breathing more.

By forgiving as quickly
as we’re angered, feeling more.

By complimenting one another
as much as we criticize, if not more.

By walking softer upon the earth,
connect with the core, barefoot and all.

By nurturing souls,
beginning with your own, accepting it in whole.

By allowing the sight of the third eye
and thinking with the heart at last.

We’ve got to move on and
practice what we preach, or how can we teach it.

Begin at home and start a trend, think ahead,
tell your neighbors and friends.

Plant food not lawns, share and donate
what’s leftover, save seeds and freeze em.

Make things by hand, involve the
children and listen to what they say.

Encourage others to reach higher,
believe in their endeavors and dreams.

Pay attention to coincidental times
and signs of synchronicity.

Follow your instincts and read between
the lines, listen to what is unsaid.

The velvet curtains of time are closing
on one era and opening on another.

Dawning on outcomes made by the choices of today,
the choices we each make everyday.

We have a chance and change is possible
in any direction during our time.

Expand your family circle to include everyone
and watch how softly it moves mountains.

Watch it change minds, change lives,
watch it change you and our whole world. © Wendee Valencia

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