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Healing Heart Meditation

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Meditation healing heart

Spiritual Healing Meditation

Learn Healing Heart Meditation A Technique

A healing meditation, find a peaceful area where you won’t be distracted for meditation, settle comfortably into a bed, lying on your back. Place your arms by your sides, stretch forward with your toes and relax the legs, shoulder width apart. Squeeze and tense with power all of your muscles and take a deep breath, prolong this process to the count of five.

Release and relax your muscles and breath out of the mouth prolonging the process to the count of five. ( Termed dynamic tensioning, which is a martial arts technique ) Do this three times, it will relax the body, alleviate pain, release tension and calm anxiety. While doing this clear the mind, allow the days troubles to float away, tell yourself you will get back to them later.

Healing Heart Meditation Visualization

Take a deep breath in through the nose, as you do so, visualize an overwhelming luminescent healing pink light intertwining it’s way through your body and into your heart. This brilliant pink light carries with it an abundant source of peace, love, acceptance and contentedness. As the beautiful pink light travels through your body it heals along the way, repairing all which is ill or negative. Leaving you with a lightness of spirit, no longer having the heaviness, pain, and tiredness which has restricted you before.

Breathe out expelling all the air you possibly can, visualize the healing pink light relieve you of all sadness, disease, illness, and negativity. As the bright healing pink light swirls it’s way around and through your entire body, it expels and releases all pain and restrictions which you have placed upon yourself. ( It is important to acknowledge any problem, as that of your own doing.)

Meditation of the heart, it fills now with unconditional love and healing from above, a radiance beams from your chest emitting an inner flame which is indomitable. Your heart re-kindles from within spreading healing light right throughout your entire body. The shimmering pink healing light permeates your entire being, bringing love and healing to the mind, spirit, and body.

The healing qualities and strength of the pink light has no boundaries, it’s power is all positive. It will focus its energy where it is needed the most, concentrating only on what needs healing. Imagine through the power of the meditation a pink angel light gathering in and around your third eye to bring forth love on your future path and the ability to see things with clarity.

Slowly open the eyes, do not move immediately, give yourself some time to experience the healing energy from the meditation in the waking process. Wiggle your toes and fingers and awake slowly. Many Blessings © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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