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praying mantis spirit animal

Animal Spirit Guide Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis Symbolism

Praying Mantis animal spirit is both yin (female) and yang (male) energy, but in essence is female,  Careful deliberate planning in all aspects of life, Contemplation and meditation, Extreme focus, Mental Agility, Decisive and actionable, Calm and stillness of the mind and intuition. Wisdom cultivated by patience and creativity. Mind, body, emotional healing and spirit. Praying Mantis is a spiritual warrior and has long been the totem animal of Chinese boxing (Kung Fu). The brown praying mantis is a symbol of the earth and its colours, blending in perfectly reflecting peace and harmony.

Praying Mantis Medicine Totem

Praying Mantis delves into the mystical realms of spirit and is often seen as a spiritual guide, pointing the way to the inner self. Mantis will lead you to your own personal divine message which will help you to develop foresight and future life planning. Praying Mantis animal spirit uses the circle for her magic, knowing completeness of the whole is a journey into infinity and perfection is something to strive for rather than achieve.

Praying Mantis Spiritual Meaning

Praying Mantis animal spirit is often seen when major internal and external life changes are taking place. There is a God-like quality to Praying Mantis as she is the master of herself and only moves in the direction of what is for her highest good.

Praying Mantis Spirit Totem

Praying Mantis animal spirit will often appear when calmness and contemplation are needed, not to sit still, but to reach a conclusion to a situation so decisive action may proceed. Even though Mantis is the symbol of meditation and contemplation she is also the symbol of action and decision-making, have you something in life you need to bring action to?.

Meaning of praying mantis landing on you

Praying Mantis landing on your body is a sure sign Mantis is and always has been your animal spirit guide. Recognize her, acknowledge her message and power.

Meaning of praying mantis on window

Praying Mantis on the window of your house has a significance only to the person who notices her. Bring about the message of self-reflection, be sure you are not blaming others for what is your own doing.

Meaning of praying mantis on front door

Praying Mantis at the front door of your home is a strong spiritual message, asking you to look within and approach your inner feelings for contemplation. Soon you will be asked to do something you are not comfortable with. Bringing about the need to change in this area, to give yourself a better life, by doing so you will expand and grow your higher consciousness.

Stepping outside our comfort zone even just a little brings on new experiences and therefore change. Change in one’s mindset and zest for life. Without change in our lives will sit stagnant not moving forward or backwards. Life is about growth both inside and out to grow we need to encourage change in our lives. Praying mantis is that helping sign of encouragement to search for what you are wanting from life. It is an extremely powerful sign.

Meaning of praying mantis on your car

Praying Mantis landing on your car asks you to be extra careful whilst driving, be patient and calm to assure a safe ride home. It also adds as a warning that the roads you usually travel may be congested and quick decisive action will be needed to avoid an incident.

Meaning of praying mantis in your house

If Praying Mantis finds her way into your house it augers movement in one’s physical life, a move to another suburb or country, usually for the long-term.

Meaning of praying mantis in dreams

Dreaming of Praying Mantis while you sleep is a sign she is whispering to you, asking you to study her medicine, understand her lessons and accept her as a spiritual teacher. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

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