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Australian Horse Racing Whip Off

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Currently under review in many countries including Australia ( May 2015 ) is the use of the whip in horse racing. Animal cruelty organizations have been fighting the good fight for a long time including our very own RSPCA (animal welfare).

ban the whip

Australian Horse Racing Ban The Whip

There is no doubt in my mind that horses love racing, it is what they do in the wild too, race each other. Most horse owners and trainers love their animals and they receive the kind of care we humans do. This is the question ? why then are these same people allowing their horses to be hit repeatedly, this is animal cruelty displayed right in front of us every day.

If you were late for work every day, and your boss says to you “right I love you, your work is terrific, but I need you to be on time and a little faster” “And to achieve that I am going to follow you everywhere with a whip and hit you every time I feel the need to”. Would this make you go faster ?, think about it, put yourself in the horses predicament. The answer, if you have not already said is NO, of course, is no, in fact, you would resent your boss and go slower or retaliate and bite him back.

The argument is it does not hurt, what a load of horse shit, those who say that, need to be whipped to understand. Of course, an animal feels pain, it is cruel, controlling and full of nothing but negativity. Our beloved Australian icon Black Caviar is living proof of what most of us know already, you do not hit things to get the best out of them. ( Can’t believe I’m having to say this ). Black Caviars owners forbid anyone using the whip on her, the whole team including trainers stood by this, and Black Caviar responded. Let this be her legacy let this horse teach us a lesson in what’s right and what’s wrong.

When will we learn it is not OK to hurt another living thing, no matter plant, nor animal, nor human? In essence, we are all loving people, this is the energy to bring to the surface of our ourselves. I found a few petitions and continuing articles for further study and a way to help ban the whip. Or find a petition in your country to ban the whip, united together as one big voice for all the animal spirits. © by psychic medium Ian Scott

Race Horses suffering – The Australian

Ban The Whip – Australian Teens against Animal Cruelty

Petition – Animals Australia

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