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How To Do A Soul Retrieval Meditation

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soul retrieval meditation free

Soul retrieval meditation

Soul Retrieval Shamanic Healing Meditation

The following is a soul retrieval meditation which can help you to perform a soul retrieval do it yourself, if you don’t have access to a reputable Shaman or qualified healer. It is really effective for resolving issues of the past which haunt you and block you from moving forward. Particularly those issues where you have given your power away due to your scrambled patterning.

Firstly find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed and perform the light body meditation. This involves relaxing and breathing light into every part of your body, starting with your toes, until you feel your entire body and aura is radiating with light; pulsating with light. If you are inclined, cast a circle – either inner or outer – and light a candle and some incense to create your sacred space.

Take a few more breaths and imagine you are sitting in a grove of trees somewhere in nature. As this is a place you may wish to come back to often, build your sanctuary up in every detail. Spend time until you can see, feel, smell and sense your surroundings in detail.

If you are moved to make a sound at this point to call in your spirit guide, let it come from your belly and focus on drawing the energy you need to you for your healing. Soul retrieval drumming is good. Taking your issue with you into the grove, bring it to mind and contemplate it for a while. Now see before you an entity taking form in front of you. What kind of entity is it? Let the image build in your mind and stay firmly in your power. This entity is what you have created from your soul loss and it is as real as you and me. It holds the key to making you whole again, so call it up. Focus.

Demand that it stands before you and that you wish to communicate with it. Insist that it tells you its name because as Rumpelstiltskin will vouch – knowing someone’s name has power. They don’t always like this part so you have to feel in charge of the situation. Chat a while if you like and see if you can trace your wound back to where it began, but don’t lose focus or control. Tell it that you insist that it returns to you that which is rightfully yours and in exchange you will give its freedom. Send your spirit guide to collect it and be grateful. As the entity dissolves so too do all the lies you have had to tell yourself to survive since whatever trauma caused your fragmentation.

Thank your guides and close your circle with “the circle is ended but unbroken.” The energy of this soul retrieval shamanic healing can be extremely powerful and for a few days you may feel ungrounded or vulnerable as your neurological patterning re-establishes itself to its healthy state. Be gentle and have no doubt that it has worked.

In case you are unsuccessful in cajoling your entity into giving up your fragment – a more forceful and dramatically powerful way of making it happen is to conjure up one of those ninja star balls and throw it at the entity saying I return to you all negativity you have forced upon me and reclaim my power. As he dissolves see your power being returned to you and enter through your solar plexus. Hopefully you won’t have to use this technique but some situations require aggression. Your intention is to scramble the pattern of the soul or the entity driving it so that it will return beyond the veil from whence it came. Yours from the Grove © Jyoti Eagles.

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