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Perform A Ancient Tree Meditation

Journey to roots end

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Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation

In this meditation we will be focussing on our past as it is our past which has made us what we are in the eternal present.

Tree Meditation Technique

If you have a favourite tree somewhere with which you have or would like to connect with, sit quietly against it’s trunk and ask permission of the tree to perform an appropriate opening for your work. Make connection with the trees roots. Become aware of the roots below. Use the trees Ogham name as a mantra if you like, which you can find in the Ogham section of this magazine.

As you drop into your centre, let yourself sink into the roots of the tree and visualize a doorway in front of you which will take you into the maze of the root system under the ground. Enter the doorway. You may need to seek permission of the tree spirit and/or imagine that you are drinking a vile of elixir to shrink as Alice in Wonderland did. Perhaps the tree spirit or driad of your tree will accompany and guide you as you enter the passageway which is a tunnel made up of a deep root that goes deep into the earth.

written meditation

Written Meditation Tree

Written Meditation Tree

Allow yourself to enter this root realm of the past. You may experience ancient memories or feelings and images of your more recent past. You may connect with your Ancestors or with a particular earth wisdom. Whatever happens is your experience so take your time until you are ready to return back up the same passageway to your normal consciousness. Thank the tree and your guides and disconnect at the end of your work. Trees are fed and anchored by their roots and you too can be nourished and stabilized from this experience.

Now is a good time to record your experience and contemplate what you have found. You can visit this realm whenever you like and work specifically with past issues which you feel need revisiting. Blessed be. © by druid priestess Jyoti Eagles

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