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Spiritual Gifts

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spiritual gifts list

Psychic Powers List

The nine spiritual gifts

Below is a list of spiritual gifts one may attain or be born with on the way to enlightenment. On the road to spirituality and personal development, we are naturally training the mind to listen to our intuition. In this progression, spiritual gifts are found.

Spiritual Gifts Definitions And Meanings

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is performed by slipping into a state of trance and allowing spirit guides to take over the hands writing messages. Automatic writing may be accomplished using a keyboard or the traditional way with a pen and paper.


ESP stands for extra sensory perception a unique ability enabling one to smell like a dog, see as a bat does and communicate telepathically. A raised spiritual consciousness with clairvoyance and intuition are traits of a person with ESP as a spiritual gift.


The word clairvoyance means “clear vision” a clairvoyant has the ability to see auras and into ones future, past and present. Clairvoyance is a term used when someone can see clearly through the veil of time and space. Seeing with ones third eye visions, either in a crystal ball or simply with the eyes closed.


Channeling is the art of receiving information via a communication line to spirit, normally practised by a psychic medium. There are many ways to channel such as automatic writing, speaking, conversation, drawing and acting. A spiritual healer for instance channels energy from the universe to heal.

Spiritual Healing

The spiritual healing gift is present in all of us, spiritual healing is accomplished using the energy of love. Love is the glue that holds the universe together. Using universal love through the body and onto another is a true spiritual gift.


A spiritual medium communicates with the dead, either family members and or spiritual guides for messages of love, healing and comfort, a rewarding spiritual gift.


Being psychic refers to someone who has multiple spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance, telepathy and the ability to channel. Foreseeing the future is a psychics main focus.

Sixth Sense

The sixth sense is your intuition that small inner voice that warns us of danger or guides us towards good circumstances. Another name for sixth sense is a gut feeling.


Telepathic communication is thought transference where a thought is either sent or received. Entire conversations are truly possible. Telepathy between siblings and couples is quite common and is often noticed.

These nine spiritual gifts are attainable by all and lead us to the far reaches of the universe and its truth. Developing these spiritual gifts will truly make you superhuman, remember though true spiritual gifts are only attained through love, light, and honesty. © by psychic medium Ian Scott 

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Spiritual Gifts

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